Saturday, March 22, 2014

Elk Antler Chews from Best Bully Sticks

Most puppies and adult dogs have a natural desire/urge to chew.  In some dogs it is quite strong, whereas other dogs don't quite chew as much.  Chewing is natural, and dogs should be given appropriate things to chew, so that shoes, furniture, and other items do not suffer.  Chewing is also important for canine dental health.

Neeko and Faolan both love the act of chewing, whereas Bruce mostly enjoys chewing on completely edible objects.  Finding safe, appropriate, natural and long-lasting chews can be a task.

Best Bully Sticks are perhaps most well-known for their bully sticks (their Monsters are amazing), but they also offer a wide variety of non-bully stick treats and chews.  They can be found via their website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  They recently sent me three of their elk antlers for the woofers to enjoy.

From their website:
Because elk are typically much larger than deer, their antlers are much bigger and make for a longer-lasting chew. The trace elements and minerals in the antlers are an added nutritional bonus.

Elk Antlers are a great choice because:
* They hold up longer than most other types of chews
* They're safe, because dogs grind them down slowly, over time
* They contain many beneficial nutrients and nothing artificial
* They have virtually no odor or residue to get on your carpet or furniture
* They're a single-ingredient, natural chew from a renewable resource
* There are no added ingredients in the processing of the chews! 

Many dog breeds, including wolfdogs and other mutts, have incredible jaw strength.  I am always worried about the risk of tooth fracture when considering chews for my crew.  Most everything I have read indicates antlers are a very safe choice, and this has proven correct in our house.

elk anter dog chew
Extra Large Split Elk Antler
This antler is awesome.  It is split down the middle, lengthwise, thus exposing much of the marrow that most dogs find irresistible.  I gave this one to Bruce, as he is the one who least seems to enjoy chewing for the sake of chewing.

antler for dog to chew on
Large Elk Antler

This antler was also good sized, and the curvature to it gave Faolan some leverage while he was working on it.  The edge of it that is down is exposed marrow, which makes it even more enticing to him.  Pictures later in this post of his hilarious initial reaction to it.  

best bully sticks elk antler
Extra Large Elk Antler
 This thing is a beast.  Seriously.  This is the largest, heaviest antler chew I have ever seen.  This one went to Neeko, because her jaws have some serious chewing power, and I feel that she will get the most enjoyment out of it.

Each of my dogs are really enjoying these antlers.  I quite expect them to last a loonngg time, which is a great thing.

wolfdog chewing on antler

Neeko looked at me like "really, it's for me?" when I offered her this elk antler.  She carried it around for a second, before getting comfortable and setting to work chewing on it.  Instant success.

Smiling Bruce was quite excited when he realized I was giving him one too.  As I previously mentioned, the exposed marrow in the split antlers make them more enticing to dogs, even picky ones.

wolfdog scent rolling

Our package arrived while I was out and about hiking with Faolan and letting him swim on our property.  Instead of taking him inside, I decided to open it and offer him some goodies.  I gave him the antler.  He dropped it, sniffed it, then proceeded to scent roll on it for a few minutes.  If Faolan scent rolls on something, it must smell delectable to him.  After rolling, he got comfy chewing it.  

I also want to share a tip regarding antlers as chews.  After a while, some dogs lose interest in them.  Soaking them overnight in low sodium beef or chicken broth makes them like a brand new chew to most dogs, as they absorb some of the new flavor.

Has anyone else tried antlers?  What are some other chews that your dogs enjoy? 

Disclaimer-This post was sponsored by Best Bully Sticks.  All opinions expressed are my own.


  1. My good friend Sarge at sent me some deer antlers and I am loving them. As you say nothing like a good chew and great for the teeth too. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Yes my dogs love antlers!!!!!!

    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  3. My little 14 pound guy loves antler chews. He's tried deer antlers, small and medium ones from the pet store. His favorite chewy treats are bully sticks and bladder chews. I don't know if it counts as a chewy toy since its so crunchy, but cows ears are also something he really enjoys. I only give him a half an ear at a time and he crunches it up in 5-10 minutes. (I haven't given him a pig's ear, they always look so greasy.)

  4. I'm always a little worried about Ace hurting his teeth on some of these chews as well. I've never give him antlers, but it helps to know you feel safe giving them to your dogs.

  5. My dogs have never tried antler chews before. They seem a bit pricey compared to other chews, which is why we haven't tried them.

  6. Rita loves antlers - but only the split ones. She can't be bothered to mess with the whole ones. (She's so fussy!) They really do a great job cleaning up her teeth!

  7. We LOVE bully sticks and bully slices (from RedBarn). Kronos and Terra enjoy antlers occasionally, but Bella won't chew on them until someone else has started them for her.

  8. I've never had Antler chews for my dog!

  9. Gershwin loves Antler chews! They don't smell, last for a long time and give him great teeth!

  10. I haven't tried these with my dogs, but I would. I bet they'd love them and I like that they're naturally shed.

  11. Yes my dogs have had elk antler chews, they love them.

  12. We've never tried antler chews but I've heard good things.

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