Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Animal Communicators-My Experience

This is a very wordy post.  

Opinions are all over the place when it comes to animal communicators, just as they are with any other subject in the psychic realm.  Many believe that they give very vague statements that lead people to believe that they (the communicators) really do know something about their particular pet, while others believe wholeheartedly that some people possess unique gifts.  Many do agree that this seems to be a field in which it is easy to find frauds and fakes, so buyer beware.

I had never really given it much thought until last month.  I am one of those people who believe that some people do have gifts, and that some people know things without being told.  My twin sister knew something was terribly wrong and left her job to rush to the hospital the morning that our older sister passed away from leukemia.  She arrived just after my brother-in-law was told of how something had not went as planned, and that she would not live more than 48 hours.  My twin sister said that she just knew.  As far as animal communicators go, I guess I had healthy skepticism.  Not pessimistic, but needed to have concrete evidence in order to believe it.

Last month I attended a fund-raising, dog friendly event in a nearby county.  I went with my awesome former neighbor, and a friend of hers whom I had met several times prior.  B had brought her 8 year old rescued Golden Retriever, Gracie, with her, and both Marcie and I were sans dogs.

B had scheduled a session with Mary Marshall at this event, and both Marcie and I sat with her during it.  Mary started the session by telling B that Gracie said they needed and she was ready for another boy dog in their house.  B lost an old male Golden Retriever in October, and Mary had no way of knowing this.  I was immediately intrigued.

Marcie decided to do a session as well.  As this point I was waffling, but could not make up my mind.  Marcie finished hers, and Mary had 20 minutes until her next scheduled session, and I just decided to do it.

Mary asked who I would like to talk about, and I told her Neeko.  She asked me Neeko's breeds, and weight.  She then told me she had longish fur.  Okay.  What did I want to talk about?  I asked her if Neeko was in pain.  She immediately replied yes, and began talking about Neeko's hips.  She knew her age without me telling her.

animal communicator
She then told me that I was going to have make some decisions for Neeko.  This is when the tears started.  This lady told me that Neeko will be in a wheelchair by the time she is 7.  I was sobbing, and grateful my friend was with me.  She stated that Neeko has a good life, and is okay with trying a wheelchair.

She then described my house to me, and I about fell out of my chair.  She said Neeko would need me to make some modifications to my house to accommodate her.

She then I asked if I had other dogs, and I told her I had two other dogs.  She said Neeko was showing her a smaller, younger male, who is tannish in color.  Faolan.  She said Neeko likes him, but thinks he is dumber than a box of rocks, and that he doesn't quite get it.  I giggled at this.

Mary Marshall animal communicator
She then spoke briefly about Faolan.  She said he is very sweet, loving, happy go lucky dog.  Which aside from his occasional anxiety, is quite true.  She said that he and Neeko have a good relationship, and that he will be a big supporter of and helper to her when her hips fail her.

She then described Bruce to me.  A large, dark male.  She said that he is not as warm-hearted as Faolan, and will try to be stoic when in pain.  She then told me I should get pet insurance for Bruce.  The tears came again.  She somehow knew that he has yearly bloodwork drawn, and stated that in a few years I need to start having cancer markers drawn on him as well.  According to her, there is something that will occur in his abdomen, but it will be curable, but expensive.

whats a session with an animal communicator
She then told me that Bruce's neck is itchy.  This was peculiar, because Les has been telling me to put a different collar on Bruce.  Les will scratch Bruce's neck and comment that Bruce REALLY enjoys it.  She said his collar bothers him, and to switch to a thinner nylon collar, and to put it on him more loosely than normal.  She also knew that I like their collars to be pretty snug.

After our session, I needed a hug and a stiff drink.  I was a wreck about it for a couple of days, randomly crying when thinking about it.  She digitally recorded our session, and sent me the file.  Listening to it brought the tears back again.  Marcie was incredibly supportive at the event, and Les was as well once I got home and told him of it.

I do not really know what I was expecting going into this session.  I guess I expected more generic, happy things, and not so much bad news in regards to two of my dogs' health in the future.  I feel pretty certain that her intent was not to cause me the emotional distress that I had, but to prepare me for possible future events.

I am trying not to worry too much about what she told me.  I watch my dogs like a hawk, and will continue to do so.  I also will do whatever is feasible to make them comfortable, happy, and keep them having an excellent quality of life. 

Has anyone else had a session with an animal communicator?  Would you?


  1. I also have a friend who went to an animal communicator and was amazed at what she was told. I would go. I imagine it was hard to hear some of the things she told you though.
    Stella Rose's Momma

  2. No for us I am afraid. We just don't buy into it. However we are a great believer in live and let live and each to their own. Hope you are feeling better and not too upset. Take care.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Wow, what an emotional experience. I hope that what she said does not come to pass but always good to be pro-active. My session with Ruby was fairly general, except she asked if I took care of myself and that Ruby was worried about me...the next day, no kidding, I cut my finger quite badly and it did scare Ruby.

  4. I've never been to one, but would like to if it was someone I thought could be trusted. It's interesting that she knew things about your house, Neeko's age, etc. I'm sorry she had sad news. Even if you fully believe everything she said, hopefully there are things you can do that will change the outcomes. If Neeko would ever have to end up in a wheelchair, I've known many wheelchair dogs (from being in a group for 3 legged dogs) and they just get on with it. So, don't let that bring you down too much. IF if did ever happen, Neeko would probably just go on about her business. Dogs don't get upset about these things like we do. As for the cancer warning... so many dogs get cancer now I feel it's honestly best if we ALL imagine it's a possibilty for our dog some day and do whatever we can ahead of time to put up a good fight. (I'm sure you are doing that with the dogs' diet, etc. I wrote a post once about things we do to try to avoid cancer - Sorry I've written a novella here! Just don't want you to be sad!

  5. Brave of you. I tried this once maybe 10 years ago with Sally & Tino. I guess I came away still skeptical although my friend who had talked me into it remained convinced. I do believe in intuition, I'm just not sure people can talk to animals...maybe.

  6. We had an animal communicator come to our house last year and it was 100% the best money I have ever spent on anything for the pets, ever. I did it as a novelty birthday gift to myself but she was amazing. I also cried a lot (and am actually starting to again as I type.) But she solved a behavioral issue we have had with Wilhelm for years. Seriously. She solved what three vets, four trainers and six behaviorists could not fix. In two and a half hour. She also knew things I didn't tell her; she knew everything about Tynan (who died four years ago) and I had purposely put all of his pictures away before she came!!! She said Wilhelm remembered him and missed him and asked if we would ever stop missing him... Now I am really crying. Sorry. Anyways, I am a firm believer that if you find someone who isn't a faker and the real deal, it is an essential way to communicate with your pets.

  7. I have no experience with animal communicators but ... In case it helps you with the thought of a wheelchair, I had a dog (Acadia) who was in a wheelchair for the last year of her life. She loved it - she even hiked on trails with it. So, there can be good times, even in a doggy wheelchair.

  8. I consider myself to be pretty open minded, and reserve judgement on things like supposed physics, clairvoyants, ect. I myself often get freakishly strong senses of deja vu that seem to be tied into old (months, years even) dreams, so I'm not going to go bash someone needlessly.

    That said, I think these kinds of people, both catering to animals and people, rely heavily on fear tactics, body language, and slip up from the person they're "reading". It's human nature to fear the worst, expect it even, and IMO these types of people prey on that. Did she really "see" something? Who can say. Do I think, in my personal opinion, that she exaggerated to frighten you? Yes.

    I hope what she said doesn't come to pass. I'm skeptical of this whole thing, but you're the one who can decide what to think of it!


  9. Wow, sorry the animal communicator had bad news to share with you. I hope they don't ever happen to your pups. I don't know if I believe in (animal) psychics.

    I was telling a friend how Audi is not doing well; that he can't walk, soils himself constantly, and needs to be carried around. I told her that I think he might need to be put down soon, but DK isn't ready because Audi is still mentally there. Audi doesn't seem ready to leave. She said a friend of hers has a large dog with the same issues. That he's also still mentally alert. Her friend is going to hire an animal psychic to see if her dog is ready to go.

    I'm waiting to hear on the results to see what we can do about the A-Dawg.

  10. OMG this is so amazing. I have had really amazing sessions with communicators. One of my best friends was one and she called me after we lost Blue and although it didn't alleviate the sadness, our chat brought me out of the depression I was falling in to.

    I've also spoken to a couple of communicators who were just phony. I was so disappointed, because they were taking people's money and I wanted to wave the red flag, but didn't want to write an article about them in particular, so I wrote one about what to expect.

    Thanks for sharing your experience. I'll be watching along to see what decisions you make about your dogs. Big hug.

  11. Wow, I don't even know what to say. I'm so sorry you heard all these difficult things about your dogs. I have no idea what to think about communicators, kind of like what you were saying in the intro of the post.

    I'm not sure how I would respond to that information, either. I know you love your dogs very much, and you are doing a wonderful job caring for them. This was true before you met with the communicator, and it's still true now.

  12. Wow I'm sorry that the news was not what you expected, and I'm really hoping she is wrong.

    I had an animal communicator for Delilah and I was not impressed at all. But then again the session was over the phone and I don't know whether that makes a difference or not.

  13. I am so sorry that it was a difficult session, but boy is that amazing at the same time to hear that your communicator was able to tell you those things. Personally I do believe in it, with the right person who has a gift like the one you saw. I'm sure that's not always the case (and I bet a good number of people *want* to believe they have a gift and are mistaken).

    I believe in the ability because I have had three really strong events that have happened in the past with my pets around the time they passed that cannot really be explained. The things that popped into my head were way too specific for coincidence. So it wouldn't surprise me that the right person could tap into whatever that was. (I don't for a second believe I am a communicator! But I do believe I was communicated to in those three specific, very important and necessary cases).

  14. OMD! That is so interesting!!!!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!


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