Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Recent Raw Meals

The prey model raw meals from the last week for my three dogs. They weigh 96, 97, and 70 lbs, but all eat roughly the same amount/weight of food.

I feed twice daily. The smaller meals are breakfast, the larger meals are dinner.

Typically all breakfasts are boneless, and every other dinner contains bone.  I usually serve liver with the bone-in dinners, and "other" organs with the boneless dinners. 

My friend Michelle recently blessed me with a large amount of beef and beef organs.  I love her.

This past week, I fed five different proteins-beef, duck, lamb, goat, and pork. As with humans, variety, including species, cuts, and organs, is important.

Disgusting pictures of raw dog food after the break.


Frozen beef lung.
Goat ribs, beef, beef liver.
Beef heart.

Beef heart, pork kidney.

Boneless beef chunks.
Duck necks, beef heart, beef liver.
Sojos dehydrated raw for breakfast.
Pork heart, lamb spleen.
Boneless beef chunks, pork liver.
Pork heart, duck necks.

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  1. LOL and lucky we don't eat breakfast. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly


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