Thursday, November 5, 2015

Facebook Trolls and Internet Experts-They Know Your Dog Better Than You Do

Most people don't like to be judged.  I certainly don't.  I don't want to be judged professionally, personally, or as a dog owner.  Dog people should not live in fear of the "experts" criticizing and judging their every post, photo, or video.

I should not have to post a disclaimer with every photo, video, or post I share, be it here, Facebook, Twitter, etc.  Nobody should.

However, it almost seems necessary.  Anything one shares with the public is open for scrutiny, criticism, and blatant trolling.

"I am aware that my dog briefly had a bar of soap in his mouth.  I am aware that if a dog ingests soap, gastrointestinal upset, diarrhea, and vomiting can occur.  I am also aware that my dogs have eaten much worse things than a bar of soap, including, but not limited to: the feces of various species of animals, styrofoam, socks, etc."

Because everyone is an expert in their own mind, and I'm certain some people only use Facebook as a means to be a jerk, and prove to the world how smart they are.

These people obviously know dogs better than the dogs' owners.

Someone posted a cute photo of their dog posed with an item.  The dog was yawning.  OF COURSE someone had to leave a comment about the dog "obviously being stressed."  I wrote in which I mention using a prong collar on Bruce.  That was a big ole can of worms.  Coward that I am, I deleted many comments instead of addressing them.

You feed kibble, you're terrible.  You feed raw, you're going to kill your dog. "My best friend's neighbor's cousin's dog choked because she left it's flat collar on when she wasn't home, so you're an idiot for leaving a collar on..." Blah, blah, blah.

I guarantee most dog owners know their dogs better than anyone else. Unfortunately some fail to recognize the same holds true for the majority of other dog owners out there, and some believe that they know all dogs better than the respective dogs' owners do.

Faolan loves to scent roll.  On many things.  He gets great enjoyment out of it.  I posted a video on Facebook of him scent rolling on a dryer sheet.

In this week's installment of "Crap My Wolfdog Rolls In" Faolan thieved a used fabric softener sheet. I'm not sure which is funnier-his writhing or the noises he makes while doing so.
Posted by My Rotten Dogs on Tuesday, October 27, 2015

I am well aware that dryer sheets are dangerous if a dog ingests them.  At one point in the video, I saw him chewing, and made move to stop.  Turns out he was not chewing on the dryer sheet, and had he been, a stern "No" would have stopped him.  I did not post a disclaimer, and ended up deleting several comments in reference to this, some of them quite hateful.

On the same video a gentleman commented "there's trouble brewing there, that hybrid is obviously the boss"  along with some other long winded crap. Give me a break.  Seriously?  (The fact that he used the term "hybrid" makes him instantly lose any credibility in my book, let alone his misguided notions about dominance.)

You know what else Faolan loves?  Pledge furniture polish.  Hair product.

Then there are those who push their way of doing things.  Down. Your. Throat.  They disguise their egotistical posts as an attempt to help others.  Sometimes they just go ahead and state that you are an awful dog owner if you don't do things their way.

Get over it people.  Move on.  Let someone share a cute photo of their dog in a costume, even if the dog is panting.  It doesn't necessarily mean the dog is uncomfortable, nervous, or overheated.  We don't know the context of everything.  Let me share a photo of my dogs playing, without accusing me of violence.  Yeah, that really happened...

I sometimes think critical thoughts upon seeing a picture or post about someone else's dog.  But, optimist that I am, I immediately try to squelch them, and see the positives/humor/cuteness of said photo or post.  Unless someone is asking for an opinion or advice, or a dog is obviously in danger, leave your expertise and hateful opinions in your head.


What have the internet experts said about you and your dogs?


  1. I don't think we have ever had a negative post about us, peoples just probably frow up their hands in disgust at our moms stuff and consider us a lost cause, BUTT our mom had some really bad comments when she typed the word "a lot" not in the correct grammar way, it became pretty heated from the other even got a personal email message out of it......... so mom had to take her off our blog list..................wth!!!
    stella rose

  2. First I LOVE the video. Delilah does the same thing with dryer sheets. The exact same thing. First she tears them and then she rolls in them. But I never let her eat them. :-)

    I am one of the people who took offense to the dog in the costume. Maybe offense is not the right word, but it is upsetting to me and I'll tell you why. You know your dog and I know mine. Our dogs might be okay participating in a situation like that and we are good, responsible dog owners. Yes the photo is only a moment in time and you and I would be right there, snap the photo and stop it if our dogs were uncomfortable. But there are many people, SO MANY that don't think like us and would do that to their dog and child and put them both in a precarious if not dangerous situation. That is where my issue with the photo comes into play.

    I rarely have people that 'troll' me or dispute what I say and when they do, I like to have discussions with them to clarify their position because anything can be taken out of context. I think when people care passionately about something it's easy to lose our way and get combative or demeaning, but that really solves nothing.

    I also think when we put ourselves and our beliefs out on the internet we take the chance of having people disagree with us. For some reason everyone feels it is there place to 'call someone out' on social media, but that rarely gets the desired results.

    Thanks for sharing this, I'm sorry that you've had people being ignorant and rude to you and hope my comment is not construed that way, because I certainly don't intend it to be.

  3. I think your videos are hilarious. I saw some of the comments and was tempted to jump in, but then decided not to bother. Like you stated here, some people simply like to criticize. Instead of asking questions, they make broad assumptions about humans and dogs they don't know and then start educating everyone on what needs to happen.

    These things used to drive me nuts, but now they just make me roll my eyes, let loose a sigh, and sometimes I laugh when someone gets so bent out of shape over something that they obviously must be knocking on the door to a midlife crisis, because no one should get that angry over a cute picture or video.

    You are not alone in this - I see it every single day people's blogs and Facebook streams. Whenever someone decides to educate me, I have learned to hit delete. It's fun. Drives people crazy when someone keeps kicking their "high horse" from beneath their feet. LOL

  4. Love this post. So many people on the internet can say such awful things. Even on videos of kittens playing there are still a bunch of dislikes on the video. There are always going to be haters and people who think that they know all, so far I've only had to delete one comment on my Instagram. Expressing an opinion is okay, but you know when someone is just being negative.

  5. One time, when I was a puppy, I ate a used dryer sheet unbeknownst to my mom until of course, it showed up on the other end. It was stuck and she had to pull it out. My mom must not know anything about dogs, right?!? We ignore the trolls...and will delete their comments if they are antagonizing to someone else in the thread. We all just have to stand by what we believe and say while being open to constructive criticism and learning. The other stuff is not worth paying any attention to.

  6. Yes, yes, a thousand times YES, says our mom!!!!! And more of these exclamation point things!!!!!!!!!!
    Guess what the number one criticism of our mom is, in regards to us? That we're never allowed off-lead. HA ROO ROO ROO!!!!!!! Seriously? We are SIBERIAN HUSKIES!!!! And Mom LOVES US!!!!!!! And she understands our instincts!!!!!!!! ARGH!!!!!!!!
    You're not alone. Believe us!
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher

  7. I don't post a lot on social media and this is exactly why. What I don't understand is this: If I see someone doing something out there that I think might be dangerous to a dog, is there any reason I can't say so in a polite way? That's what I don't understand....why do people have to be rude and overbearing, why is that acceptable on social media?
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  8. *breaks into thunderous applause* YES a thousand times over!!!!! People need to sit down, shut up, and mind their own damn business.

    I've been judged on more things than I can count, including: rehoming, having a collar on Nola, walking Nola (who does not pull, and is fully trained to heel on cue) on a collar, feeding kibble (it's Orijen and Acana, for gods sake!), having Nola off leash, letting my dogs around kids/kids around my dogs, being a positive reinforcement trainer but still using the word "no, having an intact for now bitch (Olivia), letting my dog sleep in bed, crating my dogs, NOT crating my dogs, having small dogs, and don't even get me started on having a Mini Aussie...

  9. This makes me crazy about people online. People spin out these whole big scenarios of doom and gloom from one fraction-of-a-second photo or from a cute video. I think everyone wants to show their "expertise" and, like you said, they think they know your dog better than you do. And sometimes you see them getting themselves all worked up about it, which is just odd to me. You don't even know the whole situation, people! You're just "assuming" that others are stupid, and getting youself all worked up over it.

    For example, I saw someone having a little ranty post on Facebook one day because it was so hot out and she "saw all these people running with their dogs and carrying water for themselves and not their dogs!" Um, I carry a water bottle when I walk Rita - and it's for HER, not me. What made her assume these folks weren't carrying the water for their dogs? Maybe some of them had those collapsable bowls stuffed in a pocket. Maybe they ran past a spot that had a drinking bowl out for dogs. (I know where all the drinking bowls are when I walk my dog past the businesses near our 'hood.) I just don't understand getting yourself into such a snit over a situation where you don't really know what's going on. Why not assume the BEST instead of the WORST??

    Thanks for letting me have a little rant about that in my comment! :)

  10. This is fantastic! I mean, not the fact that we always get criticized by people, but the fact that you are shedding light on this subject. I have a Siberian Husky Facebook group and OMFG people can be such mean, keyboard warriors! All people try and do is post a pic of their dog and I swear some people must sit and stare at a photo until they can find SOMETHING to say negatively about it. It's ridiculous.
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  11. I love this post. I think that internet trolls exist in every square inch of the internet. I've been lucky so far in avoiding their focus. I had only one bad experience, and it really wasn't too bad. When my young dog, K, had bone cancer, we decided to do full treatment in the hope of extending her life. I had one former follower say that he couldn't handle watching us "put K through that pain" so he vanished. His comment hurt, a little, except that I knew that we'd stop treatment at the first sign that K was suffering from it. I wished my long-time reader had the same faith in our judgement and our intrinsic love of our dog.

    I suggest just ignoring the losers. I don't think it's bad to delete their comments. I have a Youtube video with about 800,000 views, and I delete comments on it all the time. It's a video of coyotes howling, and some testosterone-crazed ignorant dude has to make a comment about slaughtering coyotes about once per week. I don't try to reason with those kind of people - I just delete their comments so they don't influence others.

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