Sunday, November 22, 2015

Black & White Sunday

This girl.  So regal, elegant.

We had a taste of winter yesterday.  About 1" of snow fell, but melted soon after.  Folks an hour north of me received 5+ inches of snow, and theirs stuck around.  It's cold today, high of about 30 F, but sunny and beautiful.


  1. She is such a beauty. Our weather has been fairly warm for sign of snow, and temps in the 40's. We'll take it...and the 50's they are forecasting for later this week! (the dogs would love some snow though)

  2. She knows exactly what you are saying about her. We had snow in 1960 but not since then

  3. That's one more inch than we got:( Beautiful shot of your girl today.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  4. lovely photo! I am in Michigan, 34 miles north of Detroit and we got about 8 inches...another blogger who lives closer to Detroit hardly got anything!

  5. She's so beautiful!
    No snow in our part of Kansas, but the western part of the state got tons! It's so not fair!


Thanks for the howls!!