Monday, November 23, 2015

November 2015 BarkBox Review

I am a BarkBox subscriber.  I am not asked nor encouraged to do these reviews.

We received our November BarkBox last week!  Reviews of previous and/or current BarkBoxes can be read HERE.

BarkBox no longer seems to have a theme with each month.

The Goods

Sawmill Creek Smokehouse Pig Ears.  Approximate retail value $1.40 each.  I know pig ears can cause GI upset in some dogs, but my dogs LOVE them, and have no problem with them.  The only problem here is that there are only two of them, and I have three dogs.  These are USA mad and sourced.

BarkMade Johnny Apple Seek Toy.  I am sure most have seen the unfortunate story of the dog who died after his tongue was suctioned to a toy.  This toy only has the one opening, and it suctioned itself to my palm.  It is going in the trash.  I am very disappointed that BarkBox sent this out.

Nature's Bits Bison Treats.  Approximate retail value $8.99.  We have received treats from this company in the past, and they were a hit.  These are oven-baked soft treats made with bison, apples, and peaches, among other ingredients.  They are made and sourced in the USA.  I am quite sure my dogs will enjoy them.

PetSafe Hive toy.  Treat or kibble dispensing toy with smalllish openings at either end.  This is a good-sized toy, but it does not feel particularly sturdy.  I will feel confident in either gifting this or donating it to the shelter, so that a dog appropriate for it can enjoy it.

Holiday Hamwich Treats.  Grain-free, honey baked ham biscuit type treats.  These treats contain relatively simple ingredients and are made in the USA.  I know for a fact Bruce will love these, as they fit all the criteria for his favorite treats-crunchy, meaty, and yeast-free!

I am not terribly impressed with this month's box.  The single opening toy is very disappointing to me.  I know all toys should be supervised, but accidents happen.  

To try BarkBox for yourself, and receive a free box with your subscription, click HERE.

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