Monday, December 7, 2015

Decoding Raw Lingo: 10 Funny Things a Raw Feeder Might Say

Funny things raw feeders say

From the mouths of raw feeders...

Raw feeders have their own jargon, their own lingo.  When I first started feeding raw, and was obsessively researching it via raw feeding forums and facebook groups, I had no idea what some of these words and phrases meant.  Now I laugh at most of them, thinking about how ridiculous some sound to non raw feeders.  And many of them center around poop.

10 Funny Things a Raw Feeder Might Say

"Bone/Bony poop" "Dust poop" "Phantom poop"
All of these phrases have to do with the poop of a dog that was recently fed a bony meal, or fed too much bone. It can be a hard, chalky poop, or a poop in which only dust (or nothing at all) appears to come out.

"Other organs"
Organ meats other than liver.  If one strictly follows the prey model raw formula, organ meat (this does not include heart, lungs or tripe, only secreting organs) should make up 10% of the dog's diet.  Half of that amount, or 5% should be liver.  The other 5% is "other organ" meat, such as kidney or spleen.

"Cannon butt" or "Rocket butt"
Uncontrollable liquid diarrhea.  Sometimes occurs in dogs new to raw, or can occur if too much organ meat is fed or a new protein is introduced too quickly.

"If it doesn't secrete, it's fed as meat."
See above about "other organs."  Only organs that secrete are considered "organ meat" in raw feeding logic. This is why heart, lung, and tripe are all considered meaty meats.

"Hunger puke"
A malady that strikes some raw fed dogs, including Bruce.  It is theorized that raw food digests more quickly and completely than other diets, leaving dogs with an empty stomach sooner.  Some dogs will vomit a small amount of bile several hours after they last ate because of this.

"Nature's toothbrush"
It's generally accepted that raw keeps a dog's teeth clean, but some items are renowned for their teeth cleaning prowess. Some examples include pork butts or shoulders with the skin on, and turkey necks.

"Freezer clean out"
A joyous occasion that a raw feeder celebrates.  It is when a friend or family member goes through their freezer to get rid of old and freezer burnt meat, remembers that you feed your dogs that crazy diet, and call you to come pick up a large amount of meat.

Obtaining a large amount of meat, or any amount of meat for free or for very cheap.  A freezer clean out is a form of a score.

"Exotic protein"
What constitutes an exotic protein varies from person to person, but it can be anything that is not pork, chicken or beef.  It may be a truly exotic protein, such as kangaroo, or something that a particular person does not normally feed or have access to.  Examples include venison, goat, elk, rabbit, goose, etc.

A form of raw feeding.  It's an acronym for either "Bones And Raw Food" or "Biologically Appropriate Raw Food."  It depends on who you talk to.  Requires veggies and/or fruits to be considered balanced.

And finally one term that I abhor. "Crapple."  This is a horrible, derogatory term that some holier than thou raw feeders use to describe kibble.  And I hate it.

Are there any funny or unusual terms specific to your breed of dog or activity that your dogs do?


  1. Mom says BARF means something totally different at ours house.....stella rose

  2. Our four dogs are on a BARF diet. When the puppies were puppies, I gave them too much organ meat combined with other organ meat and they had cannon butt for days before I realized what I had done wrong. That was when I learned how to feed what doesn't secrete as meat. Today, everyone's poop is fine, no boney poop in our house (or yard).

    Sydney is the only one who gets hunger pukes.

    Next weekend, I'm having a freeze clean out - sort of. I'm moving all of the raw meaty bones aka nature's toothbrush to the second freezer to make more room for exotic proteins I picked up from the co-op. SCORE!

    Did I get them all?

  3. Raw people are weird, for the most part. :p Cannon butt is no fun! Roxie had it early this week...all over her crate...and the wall.

  4. All new words to me. lol Although I've heard of BARF before. Strange lingo. I've heard some strange words in the breeder's world, like whelping bed was a weird word for me. There's plenty of others but I can't think of them now. :)

  5. So BARF and prey model are different kinds of raw feeding?


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