Thursday, December 3, 2015

Treats Happen Review and Giveaway

I enjoy making treats for my dogs.  Baked or dehydrated, there is something satisfying about offering them wholesome food and treats.

Between work and a hectic holiday schedule, I sometimes struggle to find the time.

Fortunately Treats Happen is happy to help.  They are a Canadian company with only single-ingredient treats that contain NO preservatives, dyes, antibiotics or hormones. Not only that, the owners are raw feeders(!) and make products suitable for raw fed dogs!

Treats Happen sent my crew two of their most popular products to try out, and the dogs were more than happy to help.

Dehydrated beef lung and dehydrated duck feet.
Their dehydrated beef lung (also available on  is thinly sliced prior to dehydration and easy to break into small training treat-sized bites.  As previously mentioned, these are suitable for raw fed dogs (and dogs fed kibble or homemade), and easy to digest for dogs with sensitive stomachs.

My dogs went nuts for these.  As someone who frequently bribes her dogs, and someone who passes out treats just because I love my dogs, this makes me very happy.

They easily snap into smaller pieces without crumbling, and are practically odorless.  I love the packaging, and the fact that bag is resealable.

Neeko was exercising every bit of patience she had here.
Neeko woo-wooed me, and danced around.  It was really cute.

Giving me her best smile in hopes of some beef lung.
Treats Happen Dehydrated Duck Feet are made from free-run, human grade ducks.  They are a natural tooth cleaner, support joint health with their naturally occurring glucosamine and chondroitin, and are a great chew for dogs of all ages, but particularly teething puppies.

All three dogs are enjoying these, but the boys go nuts for them.  Like can't sit still, whole body shaking nuts.

Please give me that duck foot.  Now.
For smaller dogs, or less aggressive chewers, I would confidently call the dehydrated duck feet a chew.  I could see one lasting several minutes for a puppy, small dog, or a dog with "normal" chewing habits.  My dogs aren't any of these, but the duck feet still lasted them approximately a minute, which is pretty impressive.

I am quite impressed with and a fan of this company and their products.  Single-ingredient treats made with love from locally sourced ingredients.  What's not to like?  My crew gives them 12 paws up.

Find Treats Happen on Facebook and Instagram, and #treatshappen.

The Giveaway

Treats Happen is giving away one (1) bag each of their dehydrated beef lung and dehydrated duck feet to one winner.  Giveaway open to residents of US and Canada.  Enter using rafflecopter below.

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This post was sponsored by Treats Happen. All opinions are my own. Treats Happen is not responsible for the content of this post. This post contains affiliate links.


  1. I already give raw and home dehydrated chicken's feet, so I know my dogs will love the duck feet. Of course, they like anything I think is gross, so...

  2. I'm a huge fan of one ingredient dog treats. I just bought a case of smoked duck feet for the dogs. I have rabbit, green lipped mussel, and green tripe treats for them too. When brands limit ingredients, I don't have to worry about food allergies.

  3. Those look awesome! Without a doubt, my dogs would love both of those treats! LOL! The grosser the better!

  4. Honestly I don't think my dogs would have a preference! Though they've never had duck feet so I'd love to see how they reacted to that!

  5. Nala would love beef lung I have given her lamb lung treats before and she loved it. And I just love how easy lung is too break apart.

  6. These look awesome! My guys go nuts for duck feet!

  7. Those dried feet. Koira would go crazy over them. Like crunchy potato chips.

  8. Oh, these look fantastic!
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