Friday, January 15, 2016

Recent Raw Meals

After the break are some photos of my dogs' meals over the last couple of weeks.

Individual meals are not balanced, as I practice "balance over time."  Meaning that if I go a couple of weeks without feeding liver, kidney, etc, no big deal, it all balances out in the end. 

These are examples of raw meals for large dogs.  My dogs weigh approximately 90, 90, and 65 lbs.  All eat the same amount daily, as "little guy" Faolan has a faster metabolism and is more active than Neeko and Bruce. 

My dogs are all on the lean side, which I prefer.  Neeko is actually classified as "very lean."  She scores 4/9 body condition scale.  Her vet and I are both fine with this, as she may have less than stellar hips.  (She is a very tall dog, standing 32" at the shoulder.)

I feed a mostly prey model raw diet, with some ground, some premade, some dehydrated and freeze-dried raw thrown in for good measure.

Pictures of raw meals for dogs after the break!

Chicken leg quarter, frozen beef liver

Ground venison, topped with Instinct Raw Boost Mixers.

feeding dogs raw deer meat
Venison heart.

raw diet for large dogs
Ground venison.

Chicken leg quarter, egg.

Boneless chicken thighs.

Stella & Chewy's Salmon and Cod.

Ground venison, beef liver.

Chicken leg quarter, cottage cheese that I neglected to eat.

More venison. 

Juice kitty photobombing a picture of venison doggy dinners.


  1. Great meals. Our dogs had venison last week too. I'm going to mixing up duck meals this weekend. Yummm.

    I have a ton of food coming in and I'm looking forward to Freezer Jenga again.

  2. I've been considering dehydrated raw food because we don't always have refrigeration on the boat and I'd like to boost the nutrition of Honey's food. I tried feeding her The Honest Kitchen but found that the amount of food recommended for her 50 pound frame was huge. Honey seemed to get tired of it before she came close to finishing.

    How do you find the volume of the Stella and Chewy food compared to other prepared dog foods (like kibble or soft food)? And do your dogs mind the texture since they usually get raw, meaty food?

  3. That venison heart looks huge in comparison with the turkey hearts I've been feeding ;-) The pups haven't tried venison yet, but I'm sure they'd love it. I need to order some!

  4. Great meals! I'm considering raising rabbits and chickens specifically to supplement the pups' diets.

  5. Wow! I find these raw food photo posts surprisingly informative.

    Also, my family are always amazed at how little, it seems, dogs eat. Seeing what your 90lb dogs eat makes what I'm told to feed the 15lb dogs make a bit more sense!

    1. ... unlike that sentence, but I think you know what I mean.


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