Saturday, January 16, 2016

January 2016 PetGiftBox Review and Coupon Code

My dogs get more mail than I do.  For real.

They received their January PetGiftBox earlier this week.  As always, it was an exciting day.

PetGiftBox offers a variety of subscription options, for both dogs and cats.  Use coupon code myrottendogs to save 25% off your first box.

This month's theme is 'Tail-Gate Party', fitting for the NFL playoffs going on. All of the items had a football or "party food" feel to them.

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The Goods

Remarkabowl Football Bowl.  Approximate retail value $8.06.  Cute plastic bowl that can be used for pets or humans!  Perfect for chips, dip, or water for dogs.  This company makes these in a variety of sizes and styles.  Perfect for this month's theme, and football parties.

Brew Buddies Dog Treats.  Approximate retail value $9.38.  Clever marketing here.  Beer bottle shaped treats, made with malted barley (like beer.)  These are soft treats, which my dogs love.  They do contain yeast, which unfortunately big boy Bruce cannot have.  Perfect choice for the tailgate theme this month!

Classic Plush Football.  Another perfectly themed item!  Cute plush football.  Simple, and perfect. 

Grill-icious Beef Burger Treats.  Approximate retail value $6.15.  Neeko photobombed this picture.  My dogs have had treats from this line before, and went nuts for them.  I like that they contain TWO ingredients - beef and sweet potato.  They are not soft treats, but not quite jerky, either.  They are pretty easy to break into smaller pieces, and my dogs love them.  Another wonderful item for this month's theme.

Bowser Beer.  Non alcoholic, non carbonated "beer" for dogs.  I received one of these in the past, and served it to Neeko over crushed ice as suggested on the bottle.  She went nuts for it, even eating the crushed ice after consuming all the liquid.  I cannot wait to offer this to her again, because of how much she enjoyed it the first time. 

I am quite tickled with this month's PetGiftBox.  The theme is perfect, and each item fits wonderfully with the theme.  The bowl is adorable, and odds are that I will end up using it for myself.  I am excited to offer Neeko the Bowser Beer, and know that all three dogs will love the Grill-icious treats.

PetGiftBox is a way to affordably receive a box of surprise goodies each month, and a fun way to be introduced to new products, or products one might not have even ever heard of.  It's like a mini Christmas!

PetGiftBox is also available for cats.  I really need to look into subscription boxes for kitties, too.

I am provided with complimentary PetGiftBoxes.  All opinions are my own.  PetGiftBox is not responsible for the content of this post.

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  1. I don't spend a lot of time looking at these 'product' posts, not having dogs myself, but that football bowl caught my eye - it really is super cute! I'd love a tennis ball one for the retriever-types.


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