Monday, April 4, 2016

March 2016 Expenses (and an unexpected raw food source)

I am the world's worst blogger.  Not really, but I feel like it.

It's April 2, so I am already a day late in documenting the previous month's dog-related expenditures.

Last month was a simple, inexpensive month.

March 2016 Expenses



As I said, simple and inexpensive.  Food expenses were approximately 90% of total costs, which is the norm.  I purchased from a local farmer/raw food supplier.  It turned out disappointing, as I was supposed to get a large amount of food, including complete ground lamb, goat kidney and liver, beef heart, lamb heart, beef tripe chunks, and goat heart.  All they were able to provide was goat liver, goat kidney, complete ground lamb, and beef tripe chunks.

I stopped by a local butcher, who also slaughters, to purchase some beef hearts.  The gentleman asked me if it was for cooking or for a science project.  I sheepishly admitted it was for dog food.  I was pleasantly surprised when he stated they made dog food.  It consists of beef lung, beef trim, beef fat, beef heart, beef kidney and beef spleen, all ground together, and they sell it for $1 per pound.  Unsure of how my dogs would like it, I purchased 3 packages of it, each approximately 2-2.5 pounds.  I am thrilled that they all eagerly ate it, particularly Neeko because of her texture issues.  I will be purchasing more.

I also bought some ground turkey and chicken leg quarters at the grocery store.

Health was (of course) the cost of Bruce's prescription.

It was an overall inexpensive month, and the disappointment of not getting everything I ordered was overcome by the pleasant surprise of a new, cheap, dog food source.


  1. What a great source to find! It's always nice to have a cheap month.

  2. Oh wow, what a major score!! I would love to find an unexpected, cheap source like you did. Although I recently got a 25% discount from a raw company for being a pet care provider, so I definitely appreciated that.

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  4. The idea been found unsatisfying, when i ended up being meant to find a substantial amount foodstuff, which include comprehensive terrain lamb, goat kidney along with hard working liver, ground beef cardiovascular, lamb cardiovascular, ground beef tripe pieces, along with goat cardiovascular.

  5. We live in Indy too! Where's this butcher of yours?


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