Monday, May 2, 2016

April 2016 Expenses

How is May already?!?  Seriously.  Where have the last four months went?

Anyways, I calculated my (modest) April expenses.  As usual the bulk (and just about only this month) of my expenses were on food, and even that wasn't much.  April was an inexpensive month, indeed.

April 2016 Expenses



Yay!  Food this month included some chicken leg quarters and hearts/gizzards from the grocery store, an order of turkey hearts and green tripe from My Pet Carnivore, and some ground raw food from a local butcher.  I'm running low on food currently, so I predict more in food costs for the month of May.  Health expenses was just the cost of Bruce's prescription.  It went up 50% this month, but is still very reasonable, and so, so worth it.

I budget $300 a month for dog food.  On occasion I go over this amount, but more often than not I fall under it.  Expenses go up slightly during warm months, as it costs me approximately $60 per month for heartworm and flea preventatives.  Neeko and Faolan will both need their annual heartworm tests soon, so I anticipate May and/or June being pricier months.


  1. You budget is ridiculous, but it's inspiring me to cut costs. I hate you, not really, but I do. Love you, Dollface.

  2. Very nice! April was really expensive for us, what with Nola's tooth.

  3. That's not bad! April was really cheap for Ma, butts this month...yikes!
    Ruby ♥

  4. I'm jealous. We had a huge surgery bill last month... You did a nice job keeping costs down!


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