Sunday, June 5, 2016

Black & White Sunday

I took Faolan out and about yesterday.  We went to nearby downtown Franklin, and hit up the Farmer's Market.  I think the threat of rain kept some vendors at home.  I did however purchase homemade dog treats from two different vendors, and some local raw honey.  The market is right next to the courthouse, and Faolan was willing to be patient while I snapped a picture of him in front of it. 

He then enjoyed a puppicino from Starbucks, and we went to a strawberry festival at a local winery.  It's strawberry season in Indiana.  There were several other dogs there, and in my opinion he was the most well-behaved.  We shared a ginormous strawberry shortcake.  He didn't care much for the cake portion, but quite enjoyed the ice cream and whipped cream.


  1. Nice day out for Faolan!!! And we do love strawberries, but we can never get very good fresh ones here. It was too wet this year and sometimes it is too hot:(

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  2. He is so cute! It sounds like you had an awesome day out! :D

  3. Oh, he's so handsome! Did he get strawberries, too? I love strawberries!

  4. Gorgeous! Sounds like a wonderful day, too!

  5. What a great time together. Look at that smile!


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