Thursday, June 2, 2016

May 2016 Dog-Related Expenses

Better late than never, right?  Following are my expenditures on my dogs last month.  As usual, the bulk of spending went towards food.  I purchased more than usual in the "treats" category last month, some of which Sully got to enjoy while he stayed with me.  I keep track of my expenses via a budgeting app on my phone, and it helps to hold me accountable in all of my spending, not just what I spend on my dogs.  Keep in mind I live in the Midwest, where the cost of living is relatively low, and have access to farmers and raw food suppliers.
May 2016 Expenses

Food - $295.54
Health - $24.77
Treats - $34.70

Total - 355.01

A bit more than the last few couple of months (I think) but not ridiculous by all means.

I budget $300 a month for food, and rarely reach or exceed that.  Last month, I felt like I was behind the ball in terms of dog food, and spent time scrambling to find food.  I need to get some bulk soon, as opposed to 20-40 pounds here and there.  I purchased ground lamb and beef heart from a local butcher, green tripe, duck necks and turkey hearts from My Pet Carnivore, and pork roasts, ground beef, whole whiting, chicken leg quarters, and chicken hearts/gizzards from grocery stores.

Health expenses was only the cost of Bruce's Rx.  Neeko is due for her yearly wellness visit this month, so that total will be quite a bit higher for June.

Treats were some I and Love and You bully sticks, and I and Love and You gullet sticks purchased at the grocery store, along with some pig ears at Pet Supplies Plus.  I know some are opposed to pig ears, but my dogs enjoy them, and do just fine with them.

All in all, it was a reasonable month, though I have gotten quite spoiled lately with my food expenses typically falling in around $200.

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