Saturday, September 17, 2016

I See Dog People

I went to my cousin's baby shower today. She is my mom's sister's daughter, and only two months older than me. We essentially grew up together.

It was a lovely event, hosted by her friends, at a gorgeous historic church.

Delicious food, good conversation.

I sat at a table with my mother, the wife of another cousin (she is hilarious, and I love her), and three ladies whom I had never met.  These ladies were all nicely dressed, in their 50's-60's, and all seemed to know each other very well.  They were fun, funny, engaging, and well-spoken.

I did learn that these ladies were the mother and aunts of my cousin's husband. We spoke about nursing, as one of them has a daughter who is a Clinical Nurse Specialist. I inferred that two of them are educators.

Somehow, of course, the topic of dogs came up. For once, it wasn't me who brought it up. I learned that they are all self-described "dog people."  I could not have been more tickled.

One mentioned how she leaves the TV on for her dog, to keep it distracted from squirrels and everything else. I recounted the story of Bruce breaking a window at 9 pm on a Sunday night in January because of a possum. My cousin's wife started asking me about how to put weight on her dog, Stanley.  One of the ladies asked if anyone knew anything about a raw diet. My mother's face lit up. (She and my stepdad recently switched Sully to raw, and he is doing fabulous.) My mother of course directed attention to me.

I was more than happy to share a little information on raw. My mother directed them here. (Thanks Mom!)  One of the ladies told me of her 13 year old diabetic dog to whom she injects insulin and feeds an expensive prescription dog food. I told her to look into an appointment with a holistic vet, and that the dog could likely get off the prescription food. She was glad to hear it.

Prior to the baby shower, I volunteered at an adoption event. I posted a photo of a dog I was handling. A friend of mine saw it. She does not have dogs, but her significant other has two. She went to a different adoption drive and adopted a senior dog. I considered her a dog person prior to this, but now she is official.

Dog people.  They are everywhere.


  1. I do love dog people, there is an instant connection and endless topics of conversation.

  2. I don't trust anyone who isn't a 'dog person'! ☺
    just sayin'...
    Ruby ♥

  3. I don't really care too much for social events, I'm quiet...but if I can find a dog person there, it's all good!
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets


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