Thursday, October 20, 2016

My Rotten Cats: Kong Naturals Cat Scratcher #ChewyInfluencer

I am a huge advocate of not declawing cats. I feel it is cruel, painful, unnecessary, and a form of mutilation. Needless to say, neither of my girls are declawed.

Providing appropriate surfaces for cats to scratch not only saves your furniture, but also provides interactive engagement for the kitties.

My friends at sent the girls a KONG Naturals Cat Scratcher to indulge their scratching needs.

Cats love to stretch, and the incline of this makes it perfect for a stretch and scratch. The scratch surface is double sided, so it can be flipped over/refreshed. The small cutouts give access to a dangly toy, which my girls are enjoying playing with.

Another great thing about this scratcher is that KONG includes a packet of their premium catnip with it. My girls LOVE catnip, and I always giggle watching them with it. Most cats find it enticing, which encourages the use of items for appropriate scratching.

I am tickled to have a photo of the elusive Noelle with her claws sunk into the scratcher.

My own (minor) complaint is that it is so lightweight that Juice was able to easily move it when rubbing on it. This problem could easily be solved by placing something heavy in the base via the cutouts on the side.

I find it to be a convenient, inexpensive way to allow cats to indulge harmlessly in a natural need. Cats need to scratch, and this suits that need with ease. Myself and my kitties are happy with it.

I was provided with complimentary product. All opinions are my own.


  1. that is a nice scratcher, we think our EL an Henri would like that. stella rose
    p.s. they often use us as their scratcher, I do not think it is funny

  2. I'll have to try this for Salem! She's so playful and I think she'd really enjoy this. I completely agree with you on declawing - Salem has her claws and I wouldn't have it any other way.

  3. Aww that's amazing! Might have to try that out too!! Thanks for posting :)


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