Saturday, October 14, 2017

Black Cat After Dark #ChewyInfluencer

My sleek black kitty Noelle can be both elusive and finicky. It's fitting that she is a black cat. What better food to offer her than Tiki Cat After Dark, from our friends at

We are Chewy Influencers. I was provided with complimentary product, but all opinions are strictly my own.

I am a huge fan of wet food in a cat's diet for a variety of reasons. It provides much needed moisture, is less processed, and even the pickiest of cats seem to enjoy wet food.

We were sent the 6 flavor variety pack of Tiki Cat After Dark. From the chewy website "a selection of gourmet recipes that are carefully designed to mimic a natural prey diet." As someone who feeds her dogs a prey model raw diet, and has attempted multiple times to do the same with her cats, this makes me happy.

It contains 6 different flavors, all chicken based, with broth, meat, and organs as the primary ingredients.

It looks good enough for me to eat.

Sleek Noelle (can you believe she is almost 12?!) will sometimes attempt to cover wet foods with her paw if they do not please her. That was not the case with Tiki Cat After Dark.

I love watching her lap up the broth, and devour the food. Cats tend to not have a strong thirst drive, as they are meant to get moisture and fluids from the food they eat. So I love the broth in this food.

I love that it is grain-free. Juice kitty seems to have food allergies, and this has not aggravated them in the slightest.

I am glad to include this in my girls' wet food rotation. It is a wet food made from real ingredients, is grain-free, provides ample moisture, and they love the taste!


  1. That looks YUM-MY!!!!
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher

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