Sunday, May 20, 2018

Letting Your Bird Spread it's Wings with The Aviator Harness and Leash #ChewyInfluencer

Until recently I did not that harnesses designed to allow pet birds to fly and explore the outdoors existed. The Aviator bird harness and leash does just that.

The Aviator is available in 8 sizes, designed to fit birds as small as parakeets, and up to as large as chickens, macaws, ducks, and geese, and every size bird in between, including parrots.

Our friends at sent us a harness for chickens, sized XXL.

My birds typically free range most of the time, but recently they have not. I am temporarily housing some pigs for my neighbors, and I am not sure how the pigs would react to a chicken in their pen, so my girls have been confined to their "run" area most of the time. They definitely miss the grass, bugs, and weeds.

I'm not going to lie, I am getting attached to the 4 pigs staying with us. The dogs are even getting used to them!

The aviator comes with the harness and leash as a one piece system, with the harness being 10 feet long, and extensions are available.

It includes a 45 minute instructional DVD, with information on fitting the harness, and safety tips. If sized and fitted appropriately, it is escape-proof.

After watching the DVD, I decided to try it out first on my adult Rhode Island Red, as she is a champion free ranger.

harness for chicken, harness for parrot, harness for parakeet, harness for duck

It took her several minutes to get used to it at first. Have you ever seen a cat in a harness? They sometimes flop over and are completely motionless and helpless. That was her initial reaction. It was honestly quite funny.

After a few minutes, she decided she was fine with it, and took to scratching, pecking, and eating vegetation and bugs, happier than a pig in ...

I had to keep up with her! Any sort of tension on the harness caused her to fall over and become helpless, so I ensured we kept a loose leash. My dogs love to pull, my chickens not so much.

Now your chicken can safely cross the road!!
(Sorry, I couldn't resist)

chicken harness, harness for chicken, chicken on a leash

This is actually a brilliant product. I have put it to good use during this time when I am not allowing my birds to free range, and it is a fun way to take a chicken on a walk, although the chicken gets to lead the way.

It is perfect for those with indoor pet birds who wish to allow their pets to experience the outdoors, and potentially flight, in a safe manner.

It is very important to watch the included DVD, and make sure the harness is fitted properly prior to use.

We are having quite a bit of fun with it here at my house, and I am certain my neighbors are laughing at me, but I'm ok with that.

Leashes and harnesses aren't just for dogs.

My Rotten Dogs is a Chewy Influencer. All opinions are strictly my own. 


  1. I love that picture of you & Miss Chicken safely crossing the road ;-) I had no idea that harness/leash combos for chickens thanks for broadening my horizon!

  2. BOL!!! OMD, that is SO COOL!!!! I have seen harnesses on all kinds of anipals, butts never on a burdie! I LOVES IT! And, it looks like your burdie is better behaved than MOI on a leash...heheee
    Ruby ♥

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