Sunday, August 12, 2018

You CAN Ship Frozen Raw Dog Food - #ChewyInfluencer

I am a fan of raw feeding, obviously. I support and encourage all forms. Full raw, partial raw, some raw goodies on occasion. Prey Model Raw, BARF, Premade Raw, Dehydrated Raw. I think they are all wonderful.

There are some who would like to supplement with raw or feed full on raw without having to worry about balancing the diet themselves, but want to feed their dogs actual "meat." This is where frozen premade raw comes in handy. Many smaller pet supply stores and boutiques now have freezers stuffed with various brands of premade frozen raw dog food.

It can be quite expensive to ship frozen food, and then you have the fears of the food actually arriving frozen.

I was pleasantly surprised to learn that ships frozen raw dog food, and shipping is ABSOLUTELY FREE on orders over $49!

We recently received some Instinct Raw (Grass-fed Lamb) from, and I have to admit I was a little hesitant about ordering raw dog food to be shipped in the middle of summer.

Guess what? It arrived completely frozen.

Chewy packed it in it's own box, with all 6 sides insulated with thick Styrofoam. And they included dry ice.

The dry ice was still pretty intact upon arrival. I simply removed it with oven gloves and allowed it to dissipate in my driveway.

About the Instinct Medallions

  • They are complete and balanced. No need to do the math and make sure one is feeding a balanced diet.
  • They come in a variety of proteins. Raw feeders stress the importance of variety, and Instinct allows you to feed different sources of protein - chicken, beef, and lamb.
  • Their size makes portioning easy. Weighing in at approximately 1 ounce each, it is easy to count out how many your particular dog needs, no matter whether they are large or small.
  • Large dogs can eat them frozen or thawed. I feed them to my gang frozen.
  • My dogs LOVE them! Check out this video of Neeko adorably dancing and singing because I have a bowl full of Instinct Lamb medallions waiting for her on the other side of the gate.

Whether one feeds full, partial, or some raw, Instinct raw is an easily obtainable (Free shipping on orders over $49), balanced way to feed your dog raw.

My Rotten Dogs are Chewy Influencers. We were provided with complimentary product. All opinions and images are my own. 


  1. Yeah, I gots some frozen food shipped from Chewy too ~ it came nice a thoroughly frozen too! They are the bestest! Nows....I told Ma I gots to check out this food! It sounds FABulous! Thanks for the review!
    Ruby ♥

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