Sunday, April 22, 2012

Feeding Raw

I have been interested in raw feeding for well over a year now.  I started when it was just Neeko, offering her premade raw, raw scraps, pig feet and drumsticks.  Then we acquired Bruce, who had frequent soft stools for the first few months living with us.  I now think part of it was stress and anxiety related.  Bruce had his first solid stool with us the evening after he a chicken leg quarter for breakfast.  This was July, 2011.  From then on, I started (almost obsessively) researching a raw food diet for dogs.  I began incorporating more raw into their diets, but never at the same time as kibble.  To do a full PMR (Prey Model Raw) diet, the basic guidelines are 80% percent muscle/fat, 10% bone, 5% liver and 5% other secreting organ.  Although I wasn't feeding full PMR, I tried to adhere to these guidelines.

Fortunately for me, my dogs took to it like they had been waiting for raw since birth.  Not one case of cannon butt.

A few months ago, I stepped it up even more, and decided to basically do half raw, half kibble/canned.  I would feed a raw breakfast every morning, with raw dinners on Friday and Saturday nights, and kibble/canned dinners Sunday-Thursday nights.  I began ordering from My Pet Carnivore, who have a nice variety and are exceptionally nice people, and ventured into a local ethnic grocery store. 

I know it is hard to tell from the picture, but this was an exceptionally large chicken leg quarter.  I feed partially frozen, to help slow Bruce down.  He's not truly a gulper, as he chews everything, he just loves it so much that he tries to inhale it.

Again, the portions appear small, but they are not.  This is beef heart, a chicken neck, and Green Tripe Supermix from My Pet Carnivore.

*I think* this is a whole pork heart, a couple of chicken necks, a chunk of beef roast and some frozen liver chunks.

This is a ginourmous turkey neck, some chicken giblets and hearts (on sale for .49/lb) some frozen beef liver chunks, and the glob on top is ground beef pancreas.

Here, we have pork tongue, a smallish chicken leg quarter and some frozen liver chunks.

My dogs really enjoy and look forward to meal time, especially when it is raw.

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