Sunday, December 23, 2012

Just Another Sunday

Except its Christmas Eve Eve, and Christmas is my favorite!

For breakfast, the trio had goat trachea and esophagus.

We were doing our normal Sunday morning routine of drinking coffee and watching Sunday Morning when there was a knock on the door. It was our awesome neighbors from across the street, and they brought presents, for humans and dogs!

Homemade dog cookies in a cute tin.

One of the human gifts was an assortment of K-cups in a glass jar.

While out running errands, I hit up Pet Supplies Plus. They issued an email coupon for free Blue Buffalo treats with a BB dog or cat food purchase, no minimum specified. I bought a can of BB Wilderness, and scored a free $7 bag of treats.

While I feed raw, I don't have a problem giving non raw treats.

While there, I remembered I had a couple other PSP coupons I had received at the Indy Dog Expo. I used them and got a free Jumbo Greenie, which I will give to Bruce, and a free large tennis ball.

I spent $2.50 for $15 worth of goods.

Being a weekend, I spent time prepping dog food. I had bought a 10 lb bag of chicken leg quarters earlier this week. I regularly buy these, as they are a staple bone-in item, and cheap at $5.90 per bag. If these are the only bone-in item I feed, a bag will last about a week.

This bag conveniently contained nine quarters, which I divided up three to a bag, then placed in the freezer.

I made up a batch of Seameal meatballs today. I used some ground turkey that had been purchased for humans, that I thawed, did not use that night, and refroze for the dogs.

I put 10 tbsp Seameal in a bowl with the ground meat, add a bit of water, and then mix the heck out of it with my hands to evenly distribute it. Onto a parchment-lined cookie sheet and into the freezer they go.

This morning, I pulled one of the dear legs I was given out of the freezer. I wanted to investigate it, look at the bone density, and decide what the plan is with the four of them. This afternoon, I pulled some beef hearts out to take care of in the morning.

The venison leg, thawed and unwrapped.

I cut as much meat off the bones as I could, netting nearly three lbs of meat. It broke down into three bones.

The back two bones I feel safe feeding. With the other legs, I will leave the meat on, and disjoint them. I will give Neeko the portion with the denser bone, as I have no problems taking food away from her.

She eats slowly, and is the only one who has since if I make their food around them. I suspect it's because we've had her since she was a puppy, and she has never been hungry. Both boys have some food issues. I realize not all rescues do.

Once the Seameal meatballs had frozen, I bagged them. I then reused to parchment lined cookie sheet to individually freeze some chicken livers. I've never fed chicken livers, and I honestly don't know why.

I was at the grocery today, so I bought two tubs of them. I will do the other tub tomorrow. I will probably go to Saraga, a nearby ethnic market, for some "other" organ as well.

For dinner tonight, they all had beef heart, lamb kidney, an egg, and some cottage cheese that expired two days ago.

I just snapped this of my sleeping beauties. The snow from the other day melted some, so there's mud on the couch and floor.

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