Thursday, December 20, 2012

Secret Santa, Vet, and Miscellaneous

This morning, I was up very early to go work a few extra hours. The crew had pork heart chunks for breakfast.

Neeko had a vet appointment this afternoon. She's gained 11 lbs since July, and is lethargic. The vet did an exam, discussed over feeding, and drew some blood work, including a T4 to check thyroid function. Before going to the vet, she and I hit PetsMart together. I bought a new treat pouch, to replace the one she ate.

On our way to PetsMart.

Chilling at the vet.

When I came home, there was a package waiting on my porch. It was my Dog Food Chat Secret Santa gifts!

We received a GIANT Jolly Ball

Here it is next to our old one.

The Jolly Ball is Bruce's all-time favorite toy. He always tries to bring it inside with him. I let him have some quality time inside with the new Jolly Ball.

That's our dog couch, and the only furniture they're allowed on.

We also received some yummy homemade treats!

Llama lung

Fish jerky

Tonight for dinner, the boys were going to split a large rolled rump roast.

But it was still partially frozen, and it was rolled around a bone that ran the length of it. I couldn't cut through or off of it.

Instead, they had lamb trotters, beef lung, frozen beef tongue and bison liver.

Neeko had a chicken leg quarter and bison liver.

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