Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sunday Funday

It was a pretty normal Sunday in our house. I slept in way late, so the dogs had a late breakfast of beef heart.

We took down our Christmas decorations, and Neeko had to help/investigate our work.

I gave Bruce the giant Greenie we got for free today. What isn't visible in the photo is the puddle of drool under his chin.

I hit up Pet Supplies Plus with a gift card I received for Christmas.

I picked up some Bil-Jac treats, Old Mother Hubbard biscuits, and some calming tabs I will try out when Bruce goes to the vet in February. PSP sells bulk treats. Bruce loves biscuits, but it's hard to find decent quality ones that don't contain a yeast, which he is allergic to. These fit the bill!
I did some grocery shopping today, and picked up the last two bags of the chicken leg quarters we use. These will last about two weeks.

Neeko has acted like her hips bothered her in the past, and I have supplemented with glucosamine. She is once again acting sore. I choose not to use glucosamine supplements marketed for dogs, as I feel they're not as well regulated. Instead, I bought a human supplement.

This one contains glucosamine, chondroitin, and MSM. I meatballs for her. I used 60 tablets and two lbs of ground beef. The thought of using a pill crusher on 60 tabs made me feel nauseous, so I busted out a secret weapon.

It worked out decent. It was loud, and a bit of dust escaped. It was not perfectly powdered, there was some pill chunks. I mixed well with my hands, then made a month's worth of meatballs. Onto a parchment lined cookie sheet and into the freezer they went.

For dinner, they had chicken leg quarters, chicken liver, and a Seameal meatball. Bruce actually got the entire back half of a chicken, as that's how it came in the bag.

My boys eating.

Now, we are unwinding, watching TV in the back room. Faolan, looking all skeptical.

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