Saturday, December 29, 2012

Spoiled Dogs (Pet subcription boxes)

I just signed up for TWO (!!) monthly subscription box services targeted towards dogs. BarkBox and Pawalla.  I should receive both boxes during the second half of January.  I have chosen to pay month by month, as opposed to paying 3 or more months in advance.  One can cancel at any time. I plan on only keeping the box that I like best after the first month. 

I learned of these on one of my Facebook wolfdog groups.  Odds are, I will probably stick with BarkBox, as it is mostly treats, toys, and care items, whereas Pawalla is more food centric, sending out premium canned/wet foods.  My raw food snobs have recently been turning up their noses on the random occasions that I offer them canned food.

I am very excited to see what we get.  With three large dogs, it will make a small dent in my treat/toy buying, but I hope to learn of new treats/products that I would otherwise not know of.

I will obviously post pictures/reviews of both boxes once they arrive.

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