Thursday, January 17, 2013

CoOp Order

After work tonight I picked up my coOp order. I belong to, an Indianapolis-based coOp. This month I ordered 100 lbs of meat through it, all turkey.

30 lbs of necks.

I will weigh these necks before I determine how to feed them. If they're about 8 oz each, I can feed one daily, or two every other day. If they're 12 oz, I will feed one every third meal.

30 lbs of hearts.

40 lbs of boneless breast chunks.
This was on the box, and slightly concerning to me.

The meat.

While frozen solid, it appears ok. I probably will start with only a small amount, just to be safe.

The turkey breast chunks are currently thawing in our rarely used back bathroom tub. I'm telling myself that I will get up an hour early tomorrow and break it down...
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  1. wow! these are impressive!! I can hardly get any in bulk here in Malaysia.

  2. If it isn't actually bad (4D) meat, then it was probably just denatured somehow. Some companies use charcoal, others bonemeal, etc. The racing kennel I worked at got beef that had red dye in it as the denaturant.

    1. I have decided it had red dye on the very top of it, after breaking it down. The rest of the meat was nice and pink, smelled good, looked fine. I am hopeful this small amount of dye won't hurt them.

  3. Wish I had access to a Co Op.....As it is these days I am looking for roadkill. LOL


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