Friday, January 18, 2013

Today 1/18/13

I did, in fact, get up an hour early this morning with the intention of breaking down the 40 lbs of boneless turkey chunks that sat in our back bathroom bathtub overnight.  I was up at 4:30 a.m., started a pot of coffee, let the dogs out, drank a cup of coffee, then headed to the back bathroom with scale, Ziplocs, and pen in hand.  The turkey was still frozen fairly solid.  I dropped the 30 lb case of turkey necks in the tub next to it, and thought about what to do next. At this point I had already been up for about 20 minutes, and had a cup of coffee, so going back to bed was out of the question.  I used my spare time to sit down and watch the news.

The view of my tub this morning.
The trio had a breakfast of boneless pork chops and eggs for breakfast.

Off to work I went.  Mid morning I checked my phone.  I had a Facebook notification of a new message received.  Faolan was "Wolfer of the Day" on the In the Company of Wolves: Wolfer Magic page, a recently started project by Howling Woods Farm in New Jersey.  I was honored.

Screenshot from my phone

Finished my day at work, came home, and set about breaking down those turkey chunks.  Once started, I realized the meat was in fact pink, and I believe red dye was put on top of the case as a denaturant, to mark as not for humans.  It was a tedious process, as the chunks were still frozen in the middle.  It took me over an hour, and at one point, my hands and forearms were cramping from prying meat apart. 

Pink visible under the red after starting

40 lbs of turkey, divided up. 

I did all the work in the bathroom, and transported it to the freezer.

Dinner-beef heart, turkey chunks, beef kidney.
They all ate the turkey with no issues, which pleases me.  I was actually slightly worried that the princess would not.
Speaking of the princess (Neeko), just a shot of her on the back porch, licking her frozen water.

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