Sunday, January 20, 2013

Destruction and Breakdown

Tonight and tomorrow are supposed to be bitterly cold. Temperatures below zero. So at 8:30 on a Sunday night, Bruce decided it would be a good idea to break a window in our house.
Because of a possum in the backyard.

Granted, it's an old, single pane window, but geez!! There's a storm window outside, but lots of cold air was coming through. Les did a quick fix with plastic weather shield material for tonight. Oh, Bruce.

For breakfast, they had turkey chunks.

My awesome neighbors are fostering and bottle feeding a two week old Golden Retriever puppy, whom I got to snuggle and feed today.

Ignore my pajama pants. They've named him Winston. He was dumped at animal control by a backyard breeder because he was born without a tail. Otherwise he's healthy.

I portioned out the 30 lbs of turkey hearts today, once again in the bathroom.

Yesterday, I hit up Marsh, because they had pork shoulders on sale for $1.29 per lb, and bought two of them.

I placed a large pork roast from a recent score in the sink last night to thaw.

This roast was huge!!

I cut it and the shoulders from Marsh into appropriate portion sizes, and bagged them up.

For dinner, the doggies had boneless pork, turkey breast chunks, and beef kidney.

I'm still trying to wrap my head around the broken window. In the words of Les, which he speaks with affection, "Damn dogs."

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