Wednesday, January 23, 2013

January Spoiled Rotten Dog Box Review

Upon arriving home this afternoon, I discovered a package waiting on the porch for me.  It was my first Petflow Spoiled Rotten Dog Box!!

The Goods
John Paul healthy paws Pet-Full Body & Paw Wipes.  Approximate retail value of $11.99.  This is a full size container.  Each wipe is decent size, and they smell nice.  This is something I will definitely use, particularly for paws and ears.

 Old Mother Hubbard P-Nuttier mini dog biscuits.  Approximate retail value of $6.49.  I actually purchase these same biscuits on occasion, just the extra large ones, at Pet Supplies Plus in the bulk section.  I like them because they are yeast free, with ok ingredients (except the wheat).  They are a hit with my crew, all of whom enjoy the much larger versions.

Go Dog Triceratops dog toy with Chew Guard. Approximate retail value of $8.99. This is actually a pretty nice toy. Unfortunately, my dogs are not allowed to have stuffed toys. Apparently its made of some sort of kevlar-type chew proof material. I'm debating on whether to allow them to have it, with the risk of destruction and dissection, or to give it to a friend or family member with a smaller dog.

Pet Naturals of Vermont Breath Bites. Approximate retail value of $8.42. Not something I would typically purchase. First ingredient is brewer's yeast, so Bruce cannot have any of these. I offered one to Faolan, who immediately dropped it and scent rolled all over it. These are worth the entertainment he will provide me with because of them.

Two Natural Balance Duck & Potato treat rolls.  Approximate retail value of $1.29 each. I have purchased these in the past, and cut into small pieces to use as treats.  They were a hit with my crew.  The ingredients could be better, but this formula actually has better ingredients than others in this line.

Luther's Body Biscuits.  Approximate retail value of $5.99.  I feel like I have seen these somewhere, and contemplated purchasing them.  The ingredients are quite good for a cookie/biscuit type treat.  All the ingredients are US sourced, and its made by a small company.  I have not yet offered these to the dogs.
While nothing in this box stood out as particularly unique, overall I was quite impressed with it. I am definitely going to continue this subscription.





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