Saturday, February 2, 2013

Meat Orders

I read online, via Facebook and various forums, about how some people struggle to find affordable sources of raw meat for their dogs. Others spend large sums of money purchasing from butchers and grocery stores. I consider myself very fortunate to have two great sources that I'm able to order from, along with being very close to the My Pet Carnivore warehouse.

Screenshots of my orders.

From RawPaws ( I ordered another 40 lb case of boneless turkey chunks, as the price is awesome. Every member was asked to order at least one package of sheep, lamb or goat tongues, so I ordered two packages of goat tongues. I ordered thymus, which the woofers have never had before, so I'm excited about that. Tripe, because its tripe.

I wasn't able to get anything from my favorite farmer last month. He didn't deliver to Indy, because only a couple people ordered. I'm happy to get some more beef heart (which I also ordered from RawPaws) and pork heart. My dogs love spleen, but I'm not looking forward to dealing with 10 lbs of it. Spleen smells awful! Some beef and pork lung, as well. I also ordered some dehydrated goodies from Rodney.
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