Sunday, February 3, 2013

Oils in a Dog's Diet

I should have checked my mail yesterday. My bully sticks from Petflow were delivered.

For breakfast, the crew had turkey hearts.

I broke down some more free meat today.

A HUGE beef round steak.

A beef chuck steak, which was meal size, but had an annoying bone running through it.

And some pork tenderloin.

Les and I went to Costco today. They had a very large (56 oz) jar of coconut oil for $16.99. Extra virgin, organic.

Other coconut oils I've seen at Kroger are at least $10 for 12 oz. I've been wanting to try coconut oil with the woofers for a while.

This stuff smells and tastes amazing!! I made myself a smoothie with some banana and frozen strawberries and blueberries, and added a bit of coconut oil. Delicious! I even ate a small amount plain.

The dogs also seemed to like it. I gave them each some with dinner Neeko and Bruce ate theirs first, and Faolan eventually ate his.

For dinner, they had turkey necks, pork shoulder, pork liver, coconut oil and a Seameal meatball.

I am going to continue with their daily fish oil pills, as I don't know the OFA profile of coconut oil. I'm very fortunate that the retail pharmacy at my hospital sells a very decent fish oil pill, and also accepts payroll deduction. They often have their supplements BOGO, so I stock up.

These are soy free, which is hard to find in fish oil pills.

One pill contains 300 mg EPA + DHA. Maintenance dose for dogs is 100 mg per 10 lbs body weight. I give each of my dogs four or five capsules daily. This is to balance out high Omega 6 levels in grain fed meats. It is also a natural anti-inflammatory, and good for skin and coat. Also some are suggesting that OFA imbalances are a contributor to aggression in dogs. I will post a link from my computer tomorrow.

I hope for some sort of benefit from the coconut oil. No matter what, it's not wasted money because I have a newly found love for it.
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  1. I've seen all kinds of dosage guidelines for fish oil around the net ... when I give it, which I'm not very consistent about, I just chuck two 1000mg capsules into Jackson's bowl, and one into Clovers. Same for vitamin E capsules (which Lew Olson suggests works synergistically with fish oil) ... two 400 IU capsules for Jackson, one for Clover.

    Trader Joe's sells a brand of fish oil that does not contain soy, and that's what I use for myself and for the dogs.


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