Tuesday, May 28, 2013

BarkBox Giveaway!!

So a few months ago, I signed up for a BarkBox Groupon, using OH's information and card number.  I knew that it would end in May, so I signed up again, using my information, with the intention of receiving a BarkBox in June.  I made two "mistakes".
1.  I forgot to cancel his subscription, so he was billed for another three months, ending in August.  Darn...
2.  I apparently signed up myself too early, thus receiving a second May BarkBox!!
This second BarkBox is being gifted to someone!  One caveat-Les did cut the tape on either side of the box, but I promise the products have not been disturbed.  If anyone has doubts, they can view last week's Friday Photos, which shows that I have opened one of the bags of treats from the first May BarkBox we received.  This BarkBox will contain the same package of treats (amongst other goodies) still completely sealed.  He was trying to be helpful...
Just leave a comment, and follow me if you don't already.
Winner will be randomly selected after 0001 EST, on Friday, May 31, 2013.


  1. I appreciate your raw menu photos as I'm still trying to figure out raw for my dog. He eats so little (compared to your dogs), it's hard trying to figure out portions sometimes.

  2. I just started following you last week....love reading about your pups reviewing items! I've always wanted to try out a bark box :)

  3. I searched "bark box reviews" and I found your site! I would love to win a box so I could try out out before purchasing my own--its a shame that you purchased extra boxes by accident though.
    I'll be subscribing to you and reading your latest posts. If you have instagram you should add my puppy @wolfiethedoxie .

  4. My gang would love to try a barkbox!

  5. I'd love to enter to win the box for my Quinn and Riggs. :)

    Curious -- January was your last post about Pawalla. Did you discontinue your subscription? Am toying with which box to keep a month-to-month subscription to...

    1. Yeah, I canceled the Pawalla subscription. I wasn't terribly impressed with it.


Thanks for the howls!!