Thursday, July 18, 2013

July 2013 Spoiled Rotten Box Review

Today we received our Petflow Spoiled Rotten Dog Box. Other months can be viewed here.

The Goods

 Kikkerland Dog Bone Lint Roller.  Approximate retail value $5.98.  This price is from the information card within the box.  It's a lint roller.  With a bone-shaped handle, not visible in this photo.  A product every dog owner needs, I guess.  I would never pay the "retail" price for it, though.  It doesn't seem to have many sticky sheets on it.  If it works well to remove fur from clothes and upholstery, then I will be pleased.

InClover Grin Daily Treats.  Approximate retail value $7.99.  Dental treats with decent ingredients, and USA made.  They are grain and yeast-free!  Probably something I would never purchase on my own, but am pleased to receive.  I have already offered these to the mongrels.  Neeko and Bruce willingly ate them.  Faolan did his obligatory scent roll on it several times, then walked away from it.  Neeko was happy to eat it for him. 

Natural Balance Fish and Sweet Potato Jerky Bars.  Approximate retail value $8.95.  We have received several bags of these Jerky Bars in subscription boxes, most recently in our June 2013 Spoiled Rotten Box.  These have proven to be a huge hit with all three woofers.  This is the first bag of the fish variety we have received, so I am looking forward to offering them.  Good ingredients, and the bars are easily broken into smaller bits for training and treats.  This bag is 12 ounces, while the other bags we have received have been 9 ounces.  I am pleased with this. 

Beau the Beaver stuffingless toy.  Approximate retail value $6.99.  Cute but small toy.  This will not be given to my crew, as it would quickly be destroyed.  It will go in the bag for shelter donations.

Savory Prime Butcher Bone.  Approximate retail value $7.99.  Smoked ham bone, made in the USA.  As I have mentioned before, I do not give my dogs these smoked bones.  I am too fearful of broken teeth.  I am going to also donate this to the shelter, in hopes that it goes to a small dog, or a dog who is a smart chewer. 

Overall, I am slightly disappointed with this month's box.  I feel like I paid $24.99 for two bags of treats.  Hopefully next month lives up to quality and standards that I have come to expect from the Spoiled Rotten Box.

Disclaimer-I am a Spoiled Rotten Box subscriber.  I am not affiliated with Petflow, nor was I asked to write these reviews.  All opinions are strictly my own.


  1. Hmmm maybe better luck next time. I'm sure some dog at the shelter will be pretty pleased with that bone!

  2. Ditto! Better luck next time. I'm still terrified to give our dogs smoked bones, which is why I didn't sign up with Spoiled Rotten. I got a sample package and it came the two small bones (way to small for our dogs) and I had to toss them, because I didn't feel comfortable giving them to friends.

    So are smoked bones safe?

  3. I have to say I love your page. It was a good idea not to give your dogs that bone. In fact if you have not taken it to the shelter id throw it away. I have a large dog but he is not a heavy chewer. I get him smoked bones and he will tear the top part off ant leave the actual bone. I thought he would do the same with this one. It broke apart very easily. Once I noticed how much he had eaten I took it away. I was not happy.


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