Friday, October 18, 2013

October 2013 Petflow Spoiled Rotten Box Review

We received our October Spoiled Rotten Box in the mail today.  Reviews from previous months can be read HERE.

The Goods

ARK Naturals Gentle Digest Soft Chews Approximate retail value $7.54.  We have received various Ark Naturals treats and supplements in the past, most recently in our August Spoiled Rotten Box.  I have generally been pleased with them.  Black malt extract is the first ingredient in this product, followed by various pre and probiotics and flavorings.  This is probably not something I would normally purchase, but all three dogs readily ate one of these small, soft chews when offered.

Venison Joe's Medium Hickory Smoked Beef Bone Approximate retail value $4.99.  As previously stated, I do not give my dogs smoked bones for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to the risk of tooth and intestinal damage.  These are safer for dogs with less jaw strength, if safe for any dog at all.  Into the bag of goodies for shelter dogs this treat will go.

Warm Ups Dog Food Approximate retail value $2.00 each.  We received one each of the Original and Fit & Active formulas.  The ingredients are the same in each: Oatmeal, brewers rice, barley, canola oil, and vitamins.  One is to add hot water and serve.  Plain oatmeal could be given to a dog for the same effect, and is much more cost effective.  I will offer these to the dogs, and see how they go over.  I have never given my dogs oatmeal.  This is probably marketed to those who feed nothing but dry kibble day after day, to give their dogs a bit of variety.

Zuke's Lil' Links Healthy Grain Free Little Sausage Links for Dogs, Rabbit and Apple Recipe Approximate retail value $6.49.  I really like Zuke's.  Great company, excellent quality product.  I am excited to have received these.  This is a "flavor" my crew has not yet tried.  They LOVED them.  Tootsie Roll sized treats that are easily broken in half.  This is easily the best product in this month's box. 

Kyjen Halloween Tuff Pumpkin Squeak Toy Approximate retail value $9.95.  Super cute squeaky pumpkin toy, that feels surprisingly durable.  I have read great things about the durability of Kyjen toys.  We received another Kyjen toy in our March Spoiled Rotten Box, but I didn't feel it was as durable, so it was donated to the shelter pups.  I will give my crew a go round with this.  If nothing else, it is very cute.

All in all, I feel this month's spoiled rotten box was ok.  I am definitely excited by the Zuke's treats, while the Ark Naturals treats I could take or leave.  The Warm Ups seem gimmicky, but I will at least offer one cup of it to my crew.  The Kyjen toy is cute, and might last more than a couple minutes with my crew.  The smoked bone is a no go, as always.

Disclaimer-I am a Spoiled Rotten Box subscriber.  I am not affiliated with Petflow, nor was I asked to review these.  All opinions are strictly my own.

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