Thursday, November 7, 2013

Superior Farms Dehydrated Lamb Ears Review (from

The nice folks at asked me to review a couple products for them.  I am honored to have the opportunity. helps dog owners to find unique and tasty products for their dogs, with free shipping and no minimum purchase.  They sell everything from dog beds, dog supplements, to chews and customized dog products.  None of the treats/chews that they sell are made in China.  Most are made in the USA, with the exception of South American bully sticks and Himalayan Dog Chews (which are also awesome, by the way.) 

I received my products three business days after they were shipped, which I consider to be quite impressive.

One of the products I received was a package of Superior Farms Pet Provisions dehydrated lamb ear treats (aka Nik Knacks.)  I have recently become a fan of Superior Farms products, having received them in both a Spoiled Rotten Box and a BarkBox.

I am always on the lookout for natural treats/chews/products for my woofers.  These fit the bill.  One ingredient-lamb ears. 

I like the idea of a product like this, as it serves two purposes.  Seeing as how it is entirely consumable, I consider it a treat.  Given that it is not something that goes straight down the gullet, it also falls into the chew category. 

To me, these are almost like a cross between a pig ear and rawhide.  The are slightly smaller than a pig ear, and do not possess the greasiness that seems inherent to pig ears.  Comparing them to rawhide isn't necessarily fair either, as they seemingly lack the absorbent/obstructive qualities of rawhide.  But, this is the best way I know to describe them, and am doing so in a positive light. 

The package I received contained 14 lamb ears, of various sizes.

The base of these ears seemed a bit meaty, for lack of a better term.  They are very strong smelling, which makes them all that more enticing to dogs!

I pulled out three to offer to my crew.  I giggled as three doggy butts instantaneously hit the ground, in anticipation of these scrumptious goodies.  My dogs have had pig ears, and dehydrated bison ears, but this was their first experience with dehydrated lamb ears.  Lamb of any sort always seems to be a hit around here. 

All three readily took theirs, and went to various spots in the back room.  Bruce settled in on the couch, Neeko on the floor, while Faolan chose to perch upon the top of the couch initially, like a cat. After a few seconds, Faolan moved to the floor, where he made a show of scent-rolling on his ear.  Once again, I wish I had gotten a video. 

Big boy Bruce, enjoying his lamb ear, with Faolan in the background.
These treats lasted close to a minute before they were consumed.  Not long enough to truly consider them a chew for my large dogs, but I am sure they would last much longer with smaller dogs.  I like to think of these as a "bonus treat." 

As each dog finished theirs, they looked at me expectantly, as if to say, "May I have another?"

I am pleased with these.  They are a nice, limited/single ingredient, natural chew/"bonus treat."  Due to the size of these ears in relation to the size of my dogs, I will give these under supervision only.  This is due to no fault of the treat, but part of being a responsible pet owner.

Disclaimer:  I received free product in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are strictly my own.


  1. I'm jealous of the variety of natural treats/ chews sold in US at decent price >_<
    Here in Malaysia, I'll have to make my own natural treats at home ( I don't consider china made jerky natural though) =_=

  2. Sounds like a great treat! My dog would definitely love a lamb's ear as well.

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