Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Perfect Pet Chews Elk Antler Chew Review (from

The nice folks at asked me to review a couple products for them.  I am honored to have the opportunity. helps dog owners to find unique and tasty products for their dogs, with free shipping and no minimum purchase.  They sell everything from dog beds, dog supplements, to chews and customized dog products.  None of the treats/chews that they sell are made in China.  Most are made in the USA, with the exception of South American bully sticks and Himalayan Dog Chews (which are also awesome, by the way.) 

I received my products three business days after they were shipped, which I consider to be quite impressive.

One of the products they sent me is an XL Elk Antler from Perfect Pet Chews.  Antlers are a favorite here, and I was sure this would be no exception.

Most dogs possess a natural/innate urge to chew, and providing them with appropriate and safe outlets for this urge is part of being a responsible pet owner, in my opinion.  Antlers are an excellent choice.

My crew has only ever enjoyed deer antler, so I was excited to receive an elk antler for them.  Elk and deer are similar in many respects, both being antlered ungulates.  Elk are much larger, however, with much larger racks than deer.  In my opinion, antlers are a wonderful chew option.  They are all natural, and don't pose the risks of choking associated with synthetic chews, and are less likely to cause tooth damage than a smoked bone.

The elk antler we received is quite large, much larger (both circumference and length wise) than any deer antler chew I have seen.
Elk antler next to a 20 oz water bottle, for size reference.
I decided to first offer this new chew to Neeko.  She was immediately excited, almost unable to contain her enthusiasm for it.  I managed to get her to maintain a "sit" prior to giving it to her.
"Let me have it!"
This proved to be an instant success.  She immediately took it, dropped it, and danced around it.  Unfortunately, I did not think to get a video. 

She set to work chewing on it.  This is a very large antler, a good size for most any dog, I feel.  Neeko weighs in at 97 lbs, and has strong jaws (a positive consequence of being fed a raw diet), and I felt perfectly safe offering this to her. 

Neeko LOVED this.  I could see her excitement in her body language, and the intensity with which she chewed it.

A nice representation of the size.  She is a 97 lb dog with a large head.

Sheer bliss.
I am very pleased with both this antler chew.  It an all-natural product, and satisfies a dog's natural urge to chew, potentially saving one's shoes, books, and furniture.

Disclaimer:  I received free product in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are strictly my own.


  1. Oh wow it does look pretty big! Shiner was a little clueless when I recently gave her one of these. But now, she's got it figured out and loves her antlers!

  2. My guys LOVE elk antlers, and they're the only chews that have ever lasted for more than five seconds with this herd. In fact, the antlers they're currently working on, I ordered like 5 months ago. So worthwhile!

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