Thursday, December 19, 2013

Recent Raw Meals and Prep

Pork tongue.


Chicken leg quarter, lamb liver.

Turkey neck, gizzard, and liver.

Turkey breast chunks.

Chicken gizzards.

Beef heart.

Large bone-in venison roast.

After cutting the meat from the venison roast.

Pork kidneys.

Beef heart.

Chunked beef heart.

Goat ribs.

Goat ribs, beef heart, chicken liver.

Pork tongue, pork kidney.

Chicken thighs, chicken liver.

Beef heart, lamb spleen.

Chicken thigh, ground venison, pork kidney, chicken liver.

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  1. We recently switched Audi to prepared raw and he loves it. I bet he would love this just as much!

  2. Now that we have four dogs, we are going to start making raw at home. It's going to save us $170/month!!! Wow! I'll miss the ease of the preapred raw but not enough to keep up that monthly bill.


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