Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Recent Raw Meals

The prey model raw meals from the last week for my three dogs. They weigh 96, 97, and 70 lbs, but all eat roughly the same amount/weight of food.

This past week, I fed seven different proteins-beef, venison, chicken, goat, pork, lamb/sheep, and turkey. As with humans, variety, including species, cuts, and organs, is important.

Chicken breast tenderloins.

Turkey neck, sheep liver.

Ground venison.


Turkey hearts.

Chicken leg quarter, venison liver.

Lamb heart.

Beef heart, goat spleen.

Ground green tripe.

Venison ribs, beef kidney.

(Frozen) chicken breasts.

Lamb heart, whole and chunked, venison liver.

Pork steak.

Small chicken leg quarter, chicken drumstick, beef kidney.

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  1. Wow they look like some very yummy meals :) Raw Food is the best :) Milo & Jet

  2. It blows me away what you are feeding your dogs!!! They are sooo lucky. Our dogs just get duck, beef, turkey and some chicken


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