Saturday, April 11, 2015

Furminator Dual Brush

Shed season is approaching.  I count myself lucky in that my dogs are not year-round shedders.  They blow coat once a year, in the Spring.  Bruce and Faolan both have "typical" northern breed type coats.  Neeko has an odd coat-long, wavy guard hairs, and a very thick undercoat that is a cross between the fur a Great Pyrenees and a plush coated GSD. kindly sent us a Furminator Dual Brush for use.

Big girl obviously needs a good brushing.
Neeko is not yet officially blowing coat, but needs regular brushing because of fur length and texture.

The Dual Brush has two sides.  The pin brush side is perfect for gently detangling her long coat, before mats have the chance to form.  The length of the pins also allow a bit of undercoat to be brushed out as well, without any pulling.

After use.
 The bristle brush can be used on any coat type, and I suspect it will work well on both boys to quickly and gently pick up any loose fur once they start blowing coat.

None of my dogs are huge fans of being brushed.  What I like most about this brush is that it is gentle, does not scratch the skin, and does not forcibly yank fur out.  Once Neeko starts her yearly shed in a few weeks, this brush will get a workout on a daily basis.  It will be perfect for loosening and detangling, and I will then use a rake on her to remove dead undercoat.

That fluffy butt...
I have huge dogs (Neeko is 31" at the shoulder) so I wish the brush were just a tiny bit larger.  But I have no complaints about it, and am very happy to have it.

Let the shedding begin!


  1. That looks like an awesome brush!

  2. Love a good brushing.
    Have a serene and easy Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Got the same brush - it is working great as an introduction to Jax about brushing. Nice review

  4. That looks like it'd be good for Pike! He's finishing up blowing his coat.

  5. It couldn't get deep enough into our haunches for a 5 star rating from us. Mom did like the way it feels, though.

  6. I really like their products. I have one for our dogs and use them 2x a month (not big shedders here). Rodrigo has his own special comb, because he has longer hair than the rest; the FURminator didn't work for him.


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