Thursday, July 16, 2015

Zuke's Supers-a Superfood Treat and a Super Giveaway

Zuke's kindly sent us their Supers line of treats to try out.  Three different treats with varying formulas containing a variety of fruits and vegetables, and other antioxidant rich ingredients.

They are corn, wheat, soy, and yeast-free, which is always a plus in my book.

From left to right-Super Greens, Super Berry, Super Betas. 
 The Super Greens formula contains alfalfa, spinach, green beans, broccoli, asparagus, cabbage, kale, and kelp, amongst other ingredients.  Not only are all these veggies nutrient-dense, they also contain various phytonutrients, chlorophyll, and anti-inflammatory properties. 

The Super Berry formula contains beets, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries and cherries.  Blueberries are widely haled as perhaps the best superfood around, containing more antioxidants than any other food.  It is recommended that humans eat a diet with a wide variety of colors, so I am guessing that color variety for dogs is a good thing as well.

The Super Betas formula contains pumpkin, sweet potato, carrots, butternut squash and apricots.  Beta carotene, like all carotenoids, is an antioxidant, and a precursor to vitamin A.  Some research suggests that it may slow cognitive decline, along with many other benefits.

All three formulas contain cinnamon, rosemary, and turmeric.  I am a huge fan of turmeric, for a variety of reasons.  Cinnamon helps to regulate blood glucose levels, and rosemary has antiseptic, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties.  

The Taste Test

Faolan is a notorious treat snob.  He will sometimes sniff and make funny faces that don't meet his approval, or sniff and walk away.  If a treat is SUPER appealing to him, his little butt instantly hits the ground, and he sits there with his tail wagging before going into a down-stay.

Little boy LOVED these treats.  All three formulas.  He actually began demanding them during the initial taste test, by barking (like a brat) at me.  They are that good.

All three dogs love these treats.  I consider them high-value, and have already went through 1.5 bags of them.

The Giveaway!

Enter using Rafflecopter widget belown.  Giveaway open to residents of US excluding where prohibited by law.  Zuke's is responsible for giveaway and delivery of prize.

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This post and giveaway are sponsored by Zuke's.  Zuke's is not responsible for the content.


  1. I would say the super beta - but maybe that's because We love pumpkin :)

  2. Great review! My girls are not picky, they'd probably like them all. :)

  3. The Super Greens formula looks interesting.

  4. We would love ANY of those! We like a lot of Zuke's other products!

  5. My dogs would love the Super Berry formula best. They like berries :)

  6. I think they would like the Super Berry one.

  7. My pup would love the The Super Betas to help keep her mentally sharp.

  8. My dogs love the super berry the best, but they also like the super beta. Have not tried the green one...

  9. My dogs would love any of them because they loooveee treats!

  10. We love zuke treats! I bet our girls would love the super beta formula!

  11. I think my pup would like the super beta! He loves sweet potato!

  12. I think she would like the super betas!


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