Thursday, February 25, 2016

Differences in my Pets Call for Different Ways to #LoveYourPetEveryday

I have five pets.  Each is a unique individual, with different preferences, likes, and personality.  I cherish their differences, these differences make them special.  I use these differences to show my pets love daily.  It's the least I can do, considering how much they offer me.

This post is sponsored by Chicken Soup for The Soul Pet Food and the BlogPaws® Professional Pet Influencer Network. I am being compensated for helping create awareness around the Brand and new product launch, but My Rotten Dogs only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. Chicken Soup for The Soul is not responsible for the content of this article.

I take my dogs' and cats' personalities into account when I show my love for them. 

Neeko.  Neeko is confident, outgoing, and sometimes stubborn.  She likes to be near me, but isn't overly affectionate.  I show her love by taking her on outings, car rides, and other adventures, including exploring the creek, pond, and woods on my property.

Bruce-Despite what many might think, Bruce is incredibly affectionate.  He is also very food-motivated, and loves treats.  Bruce doesn't enjoy adventures as much as Neeko or Faolan, preferring his backyard or leaning against me.  I show him love with physical affection, treats, and one-on-one time.

Faolan-My sweet little boy LOVES meeting new people and dogs, goodies, and affection.  There isn't much that doesn't make him happy.  I show him love by taking him places that allow him to interact with others.  And car rides.  He loves car rides.

Juice-Juice is the elder pet of my crew.  She is affectionate on her own terms, and loves her food.  One way I show her (and Noelle) love is by feeding them high-quality grain-free pet food, including Chicken Soup for the Soul pet food.  As one can tell from the top photo, she is obviously enjoying it.

Noelle-Noelle is my super sweet, shy girl.  She is really affectionate, always willing to cuddle.  All I have to do is get comfortable, and she quickly makes herself comfortable on me.  She is also quite the huntress, so I show her love with interactive toys.

One way I love my pets everyday is by feeding them quality food. I often say (in reference to humans) "Food is love."  For my dogs, it is a raw diet.  For my cats, I choose natural cat food.

My girls are loving this premium pet food.  It is grain-free, and meat based, which is important to me.

A philosophy of Chicken Soup for the Soul pet food is:

"Food is more than just nutrition, it’s also about comfort, love and appreciation."
A portion of the proceeds from all of their pet food sales go to The Humpty Dumpty Institute to help support organizations that feed and care for animals in shelters.  Royalties from their new pet-themed books will go to the American Humane Association.  The cat book is fantastic, by the way.

Their packages include shelter pets, and recently adopted pets.  The stories of these pets are on the back of the packaging. I think this is so neat.

It's not too late to show Chicken Soup for the Soul that your pet is your hero!  Share your story with them for a chance to be featured on TV!  More information can be found HERE.

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Do you take your pets' individual personalities into account when you show them love?  How do you love your pets?



  1. I guess I do take their personalities into account. Have to do that in order to accommodate them properly after all! ;) Shiner sounds a bit like Bruce. She enjoys adventures, but I think she gets a little nervous on some of them.

  2. Aww, such a sweet post. I enjoyed hearing about each of your individual pets and how you show them love. My three are all so different as well. Ace loves to do things like get out for car rides or just be together but he is not very affectionate. My cat Scout loves to play and wrestle. Beamer is a cuddler and snuggler and he is of course food crazed. More kitty pics please! :)

  3. I never really thought about it that way, but you are so right! Each pet has different wants and needs, and remembering they are individuals is a wonderful way to show how much we love them.
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

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