Saturday, July 23, 2016

A Collection of Informative Raw Feeding Posts

Over the years, I have written several posts about raw feeding, along with posting photos of some of the raw meals I feed my dogs, and raw friendly treat recipes.

These posts are meant to help both the beginning and experienced raw feeders.

I decided to catalog these various raw feeding posts, and put them in an easy to find spot.

Raw Feeding Resources  A collection of resources including books, forums, blogs, and magazines in which one can find information on raw feeding.

How I Feed Raw  A how-to on how I feed my three large dogs a raw diet.  Doesn't work for everyone, but this is what works for them.

Homemade Dog Chews  How to use what is typically considered waste or a byproduct to easily make chews for your dogs.

Chicken Training Treats How to use easily available chicken hearts to make healthy, homemade training treats.

Proof that a raw diet is good for a dog's teeth.

The Best Raw Meats for Cleaning Your Dog's Teeth.

Breaking the Raw Feeding Rules  A look at some of the various "rules" that exist in raw feeding, and why it's ok to break them.

The Poop Post  Photos of raw fed dog poop.

Raw Kongs  Completely edible, completely raw, interactive meals/treats for dogs.

Decoding Raw Lingo  Sometimes is seems as if raw feeders speak a different language.  A quick guide to understanding raw-speak.

Liver Treats  One ingredient, two different methods, two types of treats.

Can I Feed My Dog Raw Chicken?  Which parts of a chicken can be fed, and how to feed them.

Inadequate Arguments Against Raw Feeding  Some of the arguments against raw feeding I have encountered, and my rebuttals.

Adding Wild Game to a Raw Diet  How to feed wild game to a raw fed dog.


  1. Great resources! I feed freeze dried raw, but this is still so helpful.

  2. Wonderful collection of posts about raw feeding. I pinned it :-)


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