Monday, August 29, 2016

Instinct Raw Market Meal Blends #ChewyInfluencer

I am a big proponent of easy to serve raw.  It is convenient for those who do not want to serve homemade raw, but still want to offer their dogs some raw goodness that is balanced and easy to store and serve.

Chewy sent my crew a bag of Nature's Variety Instinct Raw Market Meal Blends to try out.  I am a fan of Nature's Variety, so I was glad to receive it.

This is 100% freeze dried.  I love that the first three ingredients are beef, beef liver, and beef kidney. It also includes bits of produce which are easily distinguishable. I love being able to see real food in "dog" food.  It's grain and gluten-free.

One can easily tell that there is a pea, a blueberry, and a piece of sweet potato here.

Neeko was ready and willing to eat it dry.  She sang and danced. The bag includes rehydration instructions.  I rehydrated with warm water, and not much of the water actually reabsorbed.  My dogs more than willingly drank the excess water right up.  Hydration is important.

Another benefit of this product is that it's size makes it good for treats as well! While not stinky, my dogs were more than willing and happy to work for the individual pieces. Seeing as how they don't crumble easily, they are perfect to toss in a treat pouch or pocket.

I am pleased with this product.  It offered my crew a bit of variety, and provides an option for those who want offer their dogs some convenient, non-messy, balanced raw.

I was provided with complimentary product. All opinions are my own.


  1. Ours didn't absorb too much water, either. I feed Nola almost exclusively freeze dried raw (with maybe 4 meals of kibble a month, with some fresh raw thrown in a couple times a week), and I like having a mother brand to rotate with.

  2. Ooooooo! You knows, I likes eating the freeze dried stuffs dried too! Ma gives me the Stella & Chewy's freeze dried chicken patties on my kibbles, and I just snuffle it up! I likes it dry and crumbly! Then agains, I have extra slobbers to wet it with....BOL!
    I thinks I'll have Ma gets me some of this!
    Ruby ♥


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