Thursday, February 23, 2017

Oh The Things You'll Chew! Barkworthies Root Chews

My dogs like to chew. Unfortunately, they aren't terribly picky about what they will chew on. Fortunately, they don't destroy too many things.

They chew on things meant to be chewed on - bully sticks and other edible chews, toys, long lasting treats, etc. They also sometimes chew on things that aren't necessarily meant to be chewed on...

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Bruce isn't the only one who likes to chew on wood. Neeko and Faolan enjoy their fair share of it. I love fairly rural, so wood is in abundance.

Barkworthies has recently released Root Chews, a new, sustainable, natural wood chew for dogs.

They are available in three sizes.

Neeko couldn't wait for me to get the wrapper off, and was trying to help herself.

These single piece chews are sustainably harvest from the root of the arrack tree. Only a limited number are cut down each year.

The chews are of interesting shape and texture. Neeko has a sensitive mouth, so the way things feel are important to her and her enjoyment of chewing. These fit the bill.

They don't leave a mess, and almost seem to absorb some of the drool that sometimes occurs with a good chewing session.

They are nontoxic and contain some trace minerals. They don't splinter, don't smell, and are surprisingly light weight.

February is National Pet Dental Health, so many are on the look out for ways to keep a dog's teeth clean. Giving a dog appropriate items to chew and eat is one of the best ways to keep their dental health at its best.

Maybe now Bruce will stop chewing on 2x4's. And bricks. And anything else he can sink his teeth into. Doubtful.


  1. Huh, how very interesting! I'm always looking for a healthy, long-lasting chew. So can the entire thing be eaten or is it only meant as a recreational chew?

  2. I'm really curious about these for Nola. She's had a sensitive mouth ever since she had the one tooth extraction in June, so these may be something that'd work for her.

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