Sunday, September 10, 2017

She Needed a Bath Anyway

I like to do gross stuff, or things that make me dirty or sweaty, prior to showering. Not the reverse order.

I guess dogs aren't any different.

I took Neeko for a walk on the property last week. It was a nice, cool afternoon.

Instead of the creek, we walked the path to the pond. I have a small pond on my property, probably close to an acre in size. It is well-stocked with fish - bass, bluegill, crappy, some catfish. I don't fish in it often, but friends and family do, and they have little problems catching fish.

While walking the path to the pond, something caught Neeko's attention...

The remains of a largemouth bass. A good 15 feet from the water's edge. How it got there, I am not sure.

She (of course) proceeded to scent roll in it.

She's a lady! 
Smells so good.

I let her roll to her heart's content. She gave Faolan a run for his money, the passion she was displaying while scent-rolling in fish remains. She was having fun.

She needed a bath anyway, and promptly got one later that evening.

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  1. loved to see your rotten dogs and i really like the stuff you have shared with us like how you feed them raw, about raw resources , awesome job! thanks for sharing with us,


Thanks for the howls!!