Friday, October 20, 2017

Free Puppy to Good Home - Neeko's Embark DNA Results

To read about Bruce's Embark DNA results, click HERE

To read about Faolan's Embark DNA results, click  HERE.

I have written about how I came about owning Neeko in the past - stumbling upon the "Free to good home" puppy ad in my previous employer's online employee bulletin board, going to look at puppies, and falling in love with a 12 lb ball of fluff.

She was seriously the cutest baby dog ever.

I didn't meet her parents. I was so enamored by the adorable-ness of her that I didn't care. And, at that time, I didn't know any better.

I figured she was a "husky" mix. She grew, and grew some more. I had no idea she would end up as large as she is. Her coat changed. She went from a typical grey northern breed coloring to a blond bombshell. She is very "leggy." I did tons of research, and wondered if she didn't have something different in her. I could see German Shepherd in her personality and trainability based upon what I had read.

Several years ago, I ran an older version of Wisdom Panel on her, and wasn't really impressed with the results.

After being so pleased with the process of Faolan's Embark DNA testing, I decided to test both Neeko and Bruce. I have only nice things to say about the company and the process. (The only thing they have been inaccurate on is weights. They grossly underestimated the weights of both Neeko and Bruce, and both are very lean dogs.)

I received Neeko's results more quickly than either of the boys, they took a little over 4 weeks to process.

She mostly German Shepherd, with some northern breed thrown in for good measure, and a smidge of grey wolf somewhere in the woodpile.

Due to some of her physical traits, I am somewhat shocked that collie or great pyrenees didn't show up in the mix. Her coat is insane.

I have always called her my beautiful mutt, and have learned that is indeed what she is. The best things in life are free, and she is proof of that.


  1. That puppy picture is priceless! :) I can see why you fell in love with her...

  2. The best things in life are free, I agree...although my Chris is from a top Dachshund breeder the breeder did gift him to me.

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