Sunday, January 13, 2013

Elbow Deep in Meat

That's how I felt today. All day. I really didn't handle a large quantity.

For breakfast, the trio had ground green tripe from Blue Ridge Beef.

I decided to cut the sharp bones from some of the pork I was recently given. Several nice chops and pork steaks went under my knife.

I was just about out of organ meat. Off to Saraga (local ethnic grocery store) I went. I bought three packages of pork liver.

I also bought a package of beef kidney.

This is my first time purchasing whole beef kidney. Perhaps the lobularity of it scared me. I'm not quite sure.

While there, on impulse, I purchased a package of mackerel, head inclusive. The dogs have had a bit of fish in the past, Neeko and Bruce more than Faolan. I hope they all eat it with no issues.

I broke down the pork liver in typical fashion, except I didn't weigh the organs today. I eyeballed them.

This was a small baking sheet, so one of the packages of pork liver went into the freezer.

For dinner, Neeko and Faolan had a chicken leg quarter and a Seameal meatball.

Bruce had a very large pork shank roast and a Seameal meatball.

After dinner, I set to work cutting up the beef kidneys. It wasn't nearly as bad as I anticipated.

I made Neeko some more glucosamine/MSM meatballs. I used a (free) 1.5 lb package of ground beef, and 40 pills. Each meatball roughly contains 1,000 mg of both glucosamine and MSM. I give her two meatballs every other day with bone meals, and one meatball every other day with boneless meals. This time, instead of the food processor, I used our Magic Bullet to break up/crush the pills.

I feel it worked better. It mostly powdered the pills, with no dust/pill powder escaping.

Onto the cookie sheet, and into the freezer.

I broke down my last beef heart.

I have some already cut-up beef heart in the freezer, but this was the last whole one. Seeing as how I'm not meeting Rodney this month, I won't be getting more for a while. If I really feel the urge, I can go to Archer's, a local butcher/meat processor.

I also broke down another of the deer legs. This is the largest so far.

It netted us a little over three lbs of meat.

Finally a couple of shots of Neeko and Bruce.

It's hard being Bruce.

Lazy dogs...

Apparently something on the rug smells quite inviting to the princess.

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  1. Nice spread of meat you got going on. Wow. I keep forgetting about your blog, gotta make a note to check it regularly.


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