Tuesday, February 19, 2013

February Spoiled Rotten Box Review

We received our February Petflow Spoiled Rotten Box today!!  This is my second box, you can also view the January box.

The first thing I noticed is that this month's shipping box is much fancier than last month's.

The Goods

Clear Conscience Tender Beef & Cheddar Sliders.  Approximate Retail Value of $9.99.  These are so new, I used the price listed on the information card, as I could not find them for sale online.  These actually have very nice ingredients.  Another plus is that they don't contain yeast.  I'm always needing soft treats, so I am very pleased with these.  All three of the dogs gobbled them up when I offered each of them one.  Strangely enough, these smelled a bit like a cheeseburger.
 Ark Naturals Breath-Less Brushless Toothpaste Mini Dog Treats.  Approximate Retail Value of $5.99.  My dogs have no need for something such as this, as they all have sparkling teeth and odorless breath, so this is not something I would normally buy.  The ingredients are ok, and these do not contain yeast.  I give Bruce a couple, and he (of course) at them without issue.  While its a treat, the packaging only recommends giving one or two daily.

Luther's Soul Biscuits.  Approximate retail value $5.99.  Last month's Spoiled box also contained a variety of Luther's biscuits, and I was pleased with them.  This is a different variety, and I look forward to offering them.  As I stated last month, the ingredients are pretty stellar for a biscuit type treat, and these are made from US ingredients.

Nutrisca Salmon and Chickpea Stew.  Approximate retail value of $1.99.  This appears to be a quality canned dog food.  It is potato free, along with being grain free.  I have been using canned food once a month to mix the dogs' crushed Trifexis in, so this will be put to good use.

Bright Bites Medium Spearmint Dental Treat.  Approximate retail value of $1.59.  Another gimmicky item, and not something I would normally purchase.  I don't like that it contains artificial ingredients.  I know these boxes are intended for a single dog, so I chose to give Bruce this treat.  He enjoyed it.  Big surprise.

Natural Formula Lamb Formula food roll.  Approximate retail value $5.99.  Last month we received a couple of mini rolls, which I cut up and used as treats.  The ingredients in last month's rolls were much better than this one.  This one is actually pretty terrible, especially if people feed this as a primary food as opposed to an occasional or training treat.  This contains yeast, but it is pretty far down the ingredients list.  I might give some to Bruce in a very small quantity, but most of it will go to Neeko and Faolan.

Gimme Gummy chew toy.  This is a very neat concept.  It's like a KONG, hollow in the middle for stuffing.  It's also heat resistant to 450 degrees F, so a treat can be baked in it as well.  This particular one is for moderate chewers.  That, along with its smallish size, are prohibiting me from using it for my crew.  If it were a little tougher and bigger, I would absolutely use it.  As I said, very neat concept.

Silver Dog Charm Key Chain.  Kind of cute, kind of generic.  It has a dog, a fire hydrant, a bone, and a paw print.  I'm not sure if I'll add this to my menagerie of key chains yet.
All in all, I was moderately impressed with this month's Spoiled Rotten Box.  Getting these boxes is somewhat addictive.  It's like Christmas, the anticipation of receiving one, and not knowing what one is going to get.  I'm giving it one more month, and will decide whether or not to continue it based on the March box.


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