Thursday, February 21, 2013

Fetching Tags Review

On Sunday, I placed an order for three tags with Fetching Tags, and received them today (Thursday).  Let me first state that I am very impressed with how quickly they came, considering they are all hand-stamped. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM!!

The Tags
The backs of the tags, with my number cut off

I chose the tagmaker's choice option in regards to tag shape for each of them.  I figured the tagmaker would select the best shape for the shapes and lettering I wanted stamped on each tag.  I think these are amazing.  I created the "tag lines" and then selected the icons for each dog.  I love the skull on Bruce's tag, to go along with, "I'm a jerk."
I immediately placed these on each woofer's current collar, and had to take photos of them modeling their new gear.
Overall, I'm very impressed with the quality, cute-factor, and speed in which I received them.  I highly recommend Fetching Tags!!


  1. Ha! I love the I'm a jerk one... I should get that for Conker.

    1. It was fun and almost difficult coming up with the perfect tag line for each one!


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