Friday, February 22, 2013

February BarkBox Review

All kinds of goodies in the mail recently, and today was no exception.  We received our February BarkBox.

The Goods

Wet Noses Organic Cheddar Treats.  Approximate retail value $1.99.  Small, round cookie treats, with good, limited ingredients.  I am sure this flavor will be well-received, as cheese conquers all in my house.

Wet Noses Agave & Pear treats.  Same as above, with different flavor.  I opened this package.  It contained eight cookies.  They smell delicious.  I gave one to each of my three, and all ate with no issues, including Faolan, who will spit out a treat he doesn't like on occasion.

Pet Qwerks Fetch 'n Floss toy.  Approximate retail value $6.99.  Nubby ring toy.  Quite cute, and I could see how the texture would be very inviting to a dog.  I will give this one dog at a time, supervised, as they are all very hard chewers.  Neeko in particular likes to dissect toys, and will systematically find a weakness and work it over.

Sprocket Pet Goods P:ECO penguin toy.  Approximate retail value $14.99.  This is beyond cute, and made from recycled materials.  It's a decent size, but doesn't seem particularly durable.  I have decided to keep a bag of the toys, treats, and foods I receive and don't use, and will donate them to GHAM, the shelter we adopted Faolan from.

Get Naked N Bone Super Antioxidant Dental Chew Sticks.  Approximate retail value $6.55.  The ingredients are OK, but the true test would be if my crew liked/ate them, and how long they lasted.  Conveniently, there was six large sticks in the bag, so I gave each one.  Surprisingly, they actually lasted about a minute, so I was impressed.  They all ate theirs, with Faolan scent-rolling on his first.  I like these, because they are an alternative mid afternoon snack, and do require a bit of chewing.
Faolan waiting patiently for his Get Naked N-Bone.
Also included in this month's BarkBox was a $10 coupon for  This would probably cover shipping (which is free if one orders $49 or more), so I will probably check them out to see if there is anything I need/want to order. 
I was pretty impressed with this month's BarkBox.  We have a minimum of three more months coming, and I look forward to receiving them.

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  1. I keep telling my MOM I need these Bark Boxes. I could get use to all that goodness coming my way each month.


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