Thursday, April 18, 2013

April 2013 BarkBox Review

We received our April BarkBox today.  You can read the reviews of February and March.

The Goods

Etta Says Roasted Duck Jerky.  Approximate retail value $11.99.  USA made, duck-based jerky treats.  The ingredients are okay, and these treats are easily broken into smaller pieces.  I broke one of these up and split it three ways.  Faolan, as usual, was a bit scepitcal of a new treat, and spit it out and sniffed it prior to eating it.  I somewhat surprised he didn't roll in it.

 Barkworthies Stuffed Shin Bone.  Approximate retail value $4.99.  A beef bone stuffed with beef pizzle, brown rice, and a "natural binder."  I'm quite sure this would be a hit.  However, I do not give my dogs weight-baring bones like this for fear of broken teeth.  I have a friend with a dog who is smarter with these sorts of things, and I will gift this to Jackson.

 Multipet Nuts for Knots Rope.  Approximate retail value $6.99.  Finally!  A subscription box toy I am comfortable giving them!  My crew loves rope toys.  They tug, swing, and chew on them.  They end up shredded, but that's okay by me, because they truly enjoy them.
 Aussie Naturals ABO Gear Groom Mitt.  Approximate retail value $10.99.  Clever concept.  I have yet to open these, but am curious about them.  They slide over your hand, and are disposable.  I'm going to be critical of how thick they are, how "wet" they are, and what they smell like.  I'm hoping I like them.

 Etta Says! 7 Inch Duck Chew.  Appears similar to a bully stick.  I haven't unwrapped it, but did attempt to bend/break it and was unable to do so.  I'm sure this will be a hit with whomever I choose to let enjoy it.  Now for the tough decision:  Who gets it?
 Licks Liquid Vitamin-Joint + Heart, two packets.  Approximate retail value $5.40.  Gimmicky supplement, but I'll give it a try with Neeko.  It contains "vegetarian glucosamine" which I did not even know existed.  It also contains fish oil.

Did a quick search.  Vegetarian glucosamine is often soy-based.  Boo.  Neeko isn't allergic to soy, so I will probably still offer these to her.

All in all, this month's BarkBox is okay.  I'll give the duck jerky treats, let them play with the rope toy, and attempt to use the bath mitts.  We'll see how it goes. 


  1. This month's barkbox doesn't seem as playful as the other ones. I think I like the small dog box more, it contains more toys. It still seems like a good one and I'm excited to get ours! I'm surprised your pup wasn't excited about the Etta Says duck jerky.

  2. Oh, some of that stuffs looks good, except for the stuffed bone ~ I agree with you, Ma's too chicken to give me a bone. Plus, I really don't chew anything I can't destroy! BOL


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